100+ Mehandi Designs for Women to Embrace Occasion in 2019

Well, you have heard right. Here come 100 different and completely alluring mehandi designs which are simply enough to enhance the appeal of Indian festivities in 2019. Honestly, the enchanting vibes and bright nature of Indian occasions is not vaguely known; there is something about these pretty little celebrations and beautiful traditional rituals. From applying henna over hands to dancing to traditional desi beats, everything is an integral part of any Indian wedding or family function. Whether I talk about any ordinary wedding or celebrity marriage, the mehandi ceremony is simply must in Indian tradition.

The pretty little hands covered in different alluring hues ranging from bright orange to burgundy brown looks magnificent and are the actual reason behind the unmatched bridal glow of any time. A wedding without mehndi is simply impossible in Indian culture and one must not do that too. Not just henna flares the overall ensemble of the bride-to-be, but it is also considered as the symbol of good fortune. Don’t you ever ditch this one, girl!?

Take a name – Anushka Sharma, Bipasha Basu and recently wed (actually today only!?) Sonam Kapoor – who didn’t go through this lovely ceremony before tying a sacred marital knot??? All these gorgeous B-town divas went through this tradition and looked simply ethereal. But wait a minute, who says applying henna is supposed to be a bridal affair only??? The forever tradition is popular during other Indian functions and traditional ceremonies. This is why I have got 100 trendy and easy designs to suit the fashion needs and style statement of every individual. Let’s have a look –

PS – Applying mehandi is a forever special affair for an Indian woman, so take your pick wisely and precisely.

Going furthermore, let’s scroll below to unfold all the latest and new creations in the world of henna.

1. Paisley Mehndi Designs

Paisley Mehndi DesignsA very popular and liked among young fashionistas, paisley patterns and motifs look vibrant with any kind of Indian wear and are quite easy to create. These are nowadays more craze among bridal mehandi designs and for other important functions. Try both front and backhand paisley inspired designs and take your lovely saga to another level.

2. Peacock Designs

Peacock DesignsHailing from the older generation, the mehandi style is still very much in trend and looks extremely attractive when applied during traditional events and celebrations. Try this style in heavy pattern and make heads turn around. Such easy mehndi designs for girls always work out.

3. Floral Designs

Floral DesignsCan anything beat forever floral inspired mehandi??? I don’t think so. Henna consists of various floral motifs and leaf-like patterns are easy to make and look beautiful when comes out in dark brown colour.

4. Full Hand Mehandi Designs

Full Hand Mehandi DesignsMostly applied during family weddings and big events, the full hand design is the best choice to revamp your complete ethnic look instantly and make wonders. Try these beautiful mehndi designs for hands and groove like a true desi chic.

5. Chequered Designs

Chequered DesignsThe checkered style is one of the best mehndi designs and highly attractive. It is very common among young girls and modern women. Also, the fact that it is very easy to apply, make it a go-to option.

6. Leaf Patterns

Leaf PatternsIf you ever are in hurry and have no time to go for complex mehandi patterns, stick to simple leaf design which is also called ‘Bel’ in Hindi.

7. Rajasthani Designs

Rajasthani DesignsKnown for heavy neatly drawn patterns and complex designs, Rajasthani mehndi has always been popular among women for a very long time. A perfect pick for the traditional bride-to-be!

8. Arabic Designs

Arabic DesignsInspired by the western style and the modern world, Arabic design is very easy to apply and highly trendy as compared to traditional Indian mehandi designs. The pattern goes in a diagonal form all over the hand and wrist.

9. Multicoloured Designs

Multicoloured DesignsGone are the days when henna means dark brown or burgundy-like hue only, it’s time to fall for colourful designs and exquisite patterns. One uses glitters and colorful stones to bring this design to life. If you are genuinely hunting for new designs of mehndi for girls, you have come to the right place.

10. Border Designs

Border DesignsBorder work mehandi designs are an ideal choice for college going girls and other young fashionistas to ace up their ethnic charm and overall personality. These simple designs for full hands can be easily drawn out for any function with much ease and satisfaction.

11. Heart Shaped Designs

Heart Shaped DesignsTry heart-shaped patterns for both hand and foot mehandi designs and bring the best out of your ethnic self at any point of time. Such quirky patterns are the perfect option for small family functions and pre-wedding shenanigans. One can also find this one in latest bridal mehndi designs.

12. Gujarati Mehandi Designs

Gujarati Mehandi DesignsShake hand with exquisite Gujarati culture by catching with their alluring designs and eye-catching patterns and make them a part of your much-awaited ethnic gala. Bundle up, you stunner!!!

13. Marathi Designs

Marathi DesignsHenna in Marathi culture has great value and is must-have during cultural events and traditional celebrations. Generally, Marathi mehndi designs are of full coverage and are complex in nature.

14. South Indian Mehndi Designs

South Indian Mehndi DesignsSouth Indian mehandi designs are equally as beautiful as South Indian culture. Try these tradition inspired designs and give your best shot in ethnic dressing.

15. Jewellery Style Designs

Jewellery Style DesignsNowadays, there are some new styles and patterns in mehandi which are enough to replace heavy jewellery and hand accessories like hath phool, hand harness, rings and many more.

16. Eid Special

The design shown in the image is the perfect choice for Eid celebration and forms a mirrored image between two hands. Try this heart-forming mehndi design for Eid festival and beautify your hands like never before.

17. Bangle Style Designs

Bangle Style DesignsWhat if you don’t have to wear heavy, glistening bangles while looking absolutely stunning??? Try this latest mehandi design for hands and make your wish come true.

18. Bridal Mehndi Designs

Bridal Mehndi DesignsWhen it comes to Indian brides, henna becomes a must and one of the most vital entities of the whole ceremony. Go for full hand heavy patterns and flare your bridal glow in the best possible way. Marwari designs are good options for bridal mehandi.

19. Chinese Mehndi Designs

Chinese Mehndi DesignsRefresh your traditional story with contemporary Chinese mehandi designs and become the fashion icon of the season. Mehndi experts can create these designs in a couple of minutes.

20. Back Hand Mehndi

Back Hand MehndiMore than one craves for front mehandi style, backhand henna designs are of great importance as that is the part which is majorly visible. Sneak here to discover some of the best backhand mehndi patterns and designs.

21. Marwari Mehandi Designs

Marwari Mehandi DesignsWell, I believe this is where the origin of henna in the modern world occurred. Marwari designs are widely known for their artistic patterns, captivating designs, and deep red colour. What else a woman wants when it comes to beautiful mehndi!?

Mughals are responsible for bringing henna to life in the ancient world. This is the time from where the trend of applying mehandi over hands got started. Try these old-world patterns in 2019.

23. Contemporary Mehndi Designs

Contemporary Mehndi DesignsDitch old mehandi designs and patterns for stylish contemporary artwork. These simple designs are easy to apply and come in a range of attractive patterns.

24. Name Engraved Designs

Name Engraved DesignsGet your special someone’s name engraved in your lovely mehandi design and make them feel amazing. There are various refreshing ways to get this art done in the right manner.

25. Special Finger Designs

Special Finger DesignsIf ever you want to wear mehandi casually, try these special fingers detailed designs and make your wish come true. Such lovely patterns are easy to make and can be created in no time.

26. Diamond Mehandi Designs

Diamond Mehandi DesignsHere one can see the diamond shaped motifs and patterns filled with unique detailing. Experts commonly use diamond designs during Indian wedding season and festival celebrations. These are also ideal options for bridal mehndi designs for weddings in 2019.

27. Celebrity Special Designs

If you follow your fave Bollywood celebrity for everything related to fashion, then check out their majestic designs to spruce up your ethnic ensemble and look like a million bucks.

28. Mylanchi Mehndi Designs

Mylanchi Mehndi DesignsThis is also a unique mehandi style which looks stunning when worn during important occasions and lavish celebrations. Try Mylanchi patterns to rock any function and become the star of the event.

29. Haath Phool Designs

Haath Phool DesignsNo need to stick to gaudy haath phool or other jewellery accessories made for hands when you can work with finest henna designs. Isn’t the one shown in the image looking gorgeous???

30. Pakistani Mehandi

Pakistani MehandiHonestly, I truly hoot for Pakistani mehndi design ideas as these pretty inks are simply matchless and completely arresting. Try these simple mehandi designs for full hands and embrace any traditional festivity like a boss.

31. Traditional Circular Motifs

Like always, the traditional ‘gol tikka’ mehandi design is forever going and enough to attract anyone. Such simple mehndi patterns are generally applied by elderly women in the family.

32. Karwachauth Special Designs

Karwachauth is a special event in any married Indian woman’s life. Pick mehandi patterns with full hand coverage and heavy designs to go with your complete ensemble.

33. Bridal Leg Mehndi Designs

Bridal Leg Mehndi DesignsHere is the perfect bridal mehandi design for legs. The pattern is identical for both legs and requires extreme neatness and accuracy.

34. Half Leg Designs

Set a new example by going for half leg mehandi design instead of full. The pattern is the perfect choice for Indian bridesmaids and other women belonging to the family of the bride and the groom.

35. Mango Designs

Mango DesignsYou must have seen beautiful mango leaves in traditional henna designs. See the image here. If you are a beginner, the patter is the right choice for you. Try such easy and beautiful mehndi designs to master the art of applying henna.

36. Royal Designs

Royal DesignsSpeak to royalty through your beautifully inked hands and enhance your ethnic saga like never before. Try such royal mehandi designs and give your best shot always.

37. King & Queen Engraved Designs

King & Queen Engraved DesignsThis is the hottest trend in the fashion world and is a huge craze among young modern women. If you are the bride-to-be, try this king and queen style mehndi design and add plenty of charm to your exceptional bridal avatar.

38. Elephant Inspired Designs

If you decorate your so-beautiful hands and legs with magnificent elephant-like patterns, what can be more alluring then!? Try such best mehandi designs for weddings in 2019.

39. Sleek Hand Harness Style

If you want to apply mehandi for a small function or family get-together, then this sleek hand harness look would be the ideal pick.

40. Lacework Inspired Designs

Lacework Inspired DesignsCheck out this lace style mehandi pattern and try this contemporary look to enhance the beauty of your lovely hands.

41. Symmetry Inspired Designs

Symmetry Inspired DesignsInstead of going for two different designs for both hands, follow the forever symmetry style to look like a matchless diva of town.

42. Bracelet Style Mehndi

Here is the design which will help you to get rid of your gaudy bracelet while still looking your best in traditional outfit. This is somewhat similar to latest bangle henna designs.

43. Moroccan Mehandi Designs

Moroccan Mehandi DesignsThis is how a Moroccan mehandi style looks like. If you are happy with this, give it a shot and grab eyeballs.

44. Geometrical Patterns

Geometrical PatternsYou can see various different motifs made up of geometrical shapes in this modern mehndi design. What is your pick???

45. Theme Based Designs

Just like Divyanka Tripathi did, get the portraits of your partner and you etched on your hands and cherish this moment for life.

46. Glitter Mehndi Designs

Making use of glitters in mehandi has become a trend now. Young women and fashion experts love this alluring style.

47. Accessorized Designs

Accessorized DesignsPlain designs are no more in fashion; make use of attractive accessories and stones to flare the overall look and inspire others.

48. Beaded Designs

Beaded DesignsMake use of colourful crystals and beads to enhance the simple look of your mehandi and call it vogue.

49. Pretty Embellishments

Pretty EmbellishmentsJust like beads, there are so many other ways to add to your plain mehndi look and make it forever endearing.

50. Blend of Arabic & Traditional Designs

Blend of Arabic & Traditional DesignsWhat about merging the best of both the worlds!? Ink your hands in modern day mehndi style by making use of both traditional design and Arabic pattern.

Feather Featuring Designs

Flare your ethnic gala by wearing this beautiful feather featuring mehandi design and make heads turn around.

52. Asymmetrical Style Designs

Asymmetrical Style DesignsIt’s not necessary to always go for symmetrical patterns, add some quirk by trying these new asymmetrical designs. Sneak into latest foot mehndi designs to find more alluring patterns and prints.

53. Tips & Cuffs Special

If you are focusing on tips and cuffs design, then go for it. This is what can do wonders for your overall mehandi appeal.

54. Exclusive Bride & Groom Designs

Experts draw these special patterns in bridal mehandi designs which look extremely beautiful with traditional Indian wears.

55. Broad Black Outlines

Broad Black OutlinesThis is also one of the ways to highlight your dark brown inked palms and make a statement.

56. Tattoo Special Designs

Inspired by modern tattoo designs and patterns, these latest mehandi designs will surely make your day.

57. Ganesha Featuring Designs

One of the common and very popular designs is the one featuring Lord Ganesha. You can also try this one for festivals and small family events.

58. Modern Glove Designs

Draw a glove-like pattern in your latest mehandi design and get ready to strut like a diva. What are you waiting for, girls???

59. Arm Mehandi Tattoo

Arm Mehandi TattooSome women like mehandi on their upper arms only, so here is the chic design to make your wish come true and give you the best mehndi look.

60. Back Paisley Designs

Back Paisley DesignsTry invincible paisley designs for backhand too and go one step ahead in terms of mehandi and Indian fashion.

61. Engagement Strands

Engagement StrandsIt’s always best to go for simple style mehandi for a function like engagement so that you can move one step forward on your big day. Here is the engagement special mehndi for modern brides to be.

62. Traditional Chakra Designs

Some of the traditional Indian mehandi designs are simply matchless and forever unbeatable. Just like the one shown in the image!

63. Spiral Designs

Try spiral patterns and motifs to accentuate your mehandi life and make an everlasting impression on onlookers.

64. Butterfly Mehandi Designs

Butterfly Mehandi DesignsIf you are a beginner, you can also start with simple butterfly design and give your ethnic fashion a refreshing feel.

65. Sun Featuring Patterns

Sun Featuring PatternsIt’s best to try these types of designs to blend with the cultural values and traditional love. Sun featuring patterns are great options to try in weddings in 2019


66. Contemporary Line Patterns

Contemporary Line PatternsIf you are a bold fashionista, go for contemporary mehandi patterns like this one and up your fashion game with much ease and satisfaction.

67. Dots & Chains Patterns

Dots & Chains PatternsEasy to apply, quick to dry and looks phenomenal once applied – Go for patterns inspired by trendy dots and chains and enhance your mehndi look like never before.

68. Curved Mehandi Designs

Curved Mehandi DesignsCurvy is always good, no matter what you are talking about. Here is the new, attractive curved mehndi design to suit the fashion needs and personality of modern women.

69. Shoulder Length Heavy Designs

This one is an ideal choice for bridal designs. Shoulder length mehandi is highly popular among young women and modern fashionistas.

70. Closely Knit Designs

If your love for mehandi is beyond words, you must go for awe-striking closed knit design to get your dream mehndi look and flare your overall personality instantly.

71. Frenzy Garden Designs

Frenzy Garden DesignsThe pattern consists of all the nature inspired motifs and snippets drawn onto palms and give the wearer a perfect ethnic look.

72. Kerala Mehndi Designs

Kerala Mehndi DesignsTry refreshing Kerala designs this year and make the most of the beautiful wedding season.

73. Necklace Mehandi Designs

Necklace Mehandi DesignsIt’s time to ditch real jewellery and shake hand with mehndi inspired jewellery to make the best of traditional rituals and valuable celebrations.

74. Dulhan Mehandi Designs

Dulhan Mehandi DesignsExtracted from the old-world tradition, dulhan mehndi designs are for those women who love to stay intact to the roots special on the day of their wedding.

75. Churi Mehndi Designs

Somewhat similar to bangle mehandi design, churi design also looks beautiful. But, it requires more intricacy and neatness making use of thin cones.

76. Diwali Special Designs

Sneak into beautiful Diwali special designs to make the most of this auspicious Indian festival and revive your ethnic look in a snap.

77. Jain Mehandi Designs

Jodha Akbar DesignsJain mehndi designs are simple, easy to create and quite appealing. Did you ever try this one???

78. Jodha Akbar Designs

Jodha Akbar DesignsWhat about Jodha Akbar mehandi design??? Draw this pattern over your hands and become the fashion icon of the season.

79. Karachi Designs

Mehandi Designs for KidsThis is one example of Karachi mehandi design, middle age women love this pattern and is also a good option for traditional events and functions.

80. Mehandi Designs for Kids

Mehandi Designs for KidsHere is one of the best examples of simple mehndi designs for kids. Let your baby girl also enjoy this beautiful ritual now by drawing out such lovely patterns.

81. Abstract Designs

Abstract DesignsModern fashion lovers like such trendy styles and complex designs. Explore an array of gorgeous abstract mehndi designs and get ready to strut like a diva.

82. Floral Backhand Strands

Floral Backhand StrandsIt’s always easy and best to make peace with beautiful floral designs and intrinsic patterns. Go for such lovely backhand strands inspired by floral motifs and make your wish come true.

83. Dome Shaped Patterns

Dome Shaped PatternsThese are simple designs for full hands and mehandi experts can craft these alluring patterns in no time.

84. Floral Vines

Floral VinesBridesmaids should try floral vines for both hands and legs and accentuate their style statement in the best way possible.

85. Stars Like Pattern

Stars Like PatternStars and some more stars – try this quirky mehandi design and enhance your girlie charm for upcoming weddings and important events.

86. Big Mandala Designs

Big Mandala DesignsThe big circular pattern filled with various alluring designs in the middle of the palm is what mandala is. There are a variety of unique designs and patterns available in this category to suit the theme of the occasion.

87. Unique Finger Detailing

Unique Finger DetailingIf you are looking for some great designs exclusively for fingers, here is the one to help you out. Try these amazing mehandi designs and turn heads around.

88. Arabic Designs for Kids

Arabic Designs for KidsIf you are looking out for some unique designs for kids, here is one of the perfect examples of best Arabic mehndi designs to let your kids dance their heart out.

89. Moon Featuring Patterns

Moon Featuring PatternsJust like sun featuring pattern, you can also draw moon over your palm and lighten up your ethnic gala like the way you want. This is one example of Eid special mehandi design. There are various other mehndi designs for eid to elate your soul on this blissful festival.

90. Just Fingers’ Designs

Just Fingers’ DesignsWho says that mehandi means complete hands??? Set a new example by opting for fingers’ only design and grab eyeballs. Explore all these gorgeous and best mehndi designs for hands and legs and make the most of ethnic celebrations. Hence, everything about mehndi designs is now available with you. So, what are you waiting for???

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