30 Beauty Tips for Women for Instant Glow & Tan Removal

Beauty is not about having fair skin or pale complexion. Well, the real beauty hides in radiant and healthy skin which is not that difficult to attain in the modern fashion world. Yes, you heard it true. Even after knowing about the hazardous and very harmful side-effects of various expensive skin treatments and beauty therapies, you go for it blindly. This is because you are still ignorant to various effective homemade beauty tips which are simply available and totally affordable. Modern women are actually switching their beauty regime from standard beauty treatments to regular natural beauty products which is why they give less attention to skin tone but healthy, glowing face. Isn’t that what you also wanted???

Here I bring you 30 amazing beauty products which are always available in your kitchen or fridge and are just the best choice to do wonders to your sunburst skin and other blemishes. There is nothing that these natural food products can’t fight back when it comes to skin problems and face troubles. Also, all these food stuff produce no harm to skin and are very easy to apply during any time of the day. Pick your fave ones or better keep changing the ingredients on regular intervals to see what works best for you and make it a part your daily beauty regime. Be it face scrub, face mask, cleanser, toner or moisturizer, everything has got covered to ensure 100% results and complete beauty needs. It’s a well-known fact that glowing skin leads to various advantages like – you feel happy, confident and ready to take up any challenge whether in work or life. So if you want to shine at every moment, here is the complete beauty guide to make your wish come true and make you stand out among crowd. Sneak in…

1. Fresh Milk

Fresh Milk
The most basic and fundamental natural beauty tip for glowing skin is to make use of fresh milk or milk cream in your regular face mask. It provides immense moisture and rejuvenating effect to skin, leaving it all soft and glowing. Mix it with gram flour or turmeric to make a perfect night face mask and regain your lost shine instantly. This is one of the best beauty tips for face of all time.

2. Aloe Vera Leaves

Aloe Vera Leaves
Everyone knows about the amazing effects of natural aloe vera leaves over skin. It is actually one of the best natural products which provide incredible skin conditioning and impurity-free skin. Apply gel present inside the leaf all over your face and leave it on overnight. Wash it off in the morning and feel the clean, glowing skin.

3. Oats

Nothing can be a better face scrub than oatmeal. Easily found in every household, this food product when mixed with lemon juice or milk can do wonders to skin and help it in getting rid of dead cells and other impurities. This is one of the best and easiest beauty tips for girls who are working or college going to get rid of everyday suntan and facial impurities.

4. Honey

Moms are always right – that’s why they never forget to feed us one tablespoon of honey during childhood days. So if you have managed to continue your childhood habit, get ready to make another use of this amazing food product for beautiful, glowing skin. Apply honey over acne marks or facial blemishes for quick recovery of these spots and make your skin supple like never before.

5. Tomato

While you are eating tomatoes in your regular salad, make sure to scrub one slice over your face too. This is because the ingredient is highly rich in Vitamin C and helps in protecting the extremely delicate blood vessels under the eyes. Do it on regular basis to get healthy, glowing skin in an instant.

6. Gram Flour

Gram Flour
One of the most popular ingredients for homemade beauty tips is gram flour. The food product serves all kind of skin essentials – from cleaning to exfoliating, toning to moisturizing, tightening to rejuvenating. Various kinds of different face packs can be made by using this – like mix it with lemon juice and yogurt for lightening of skin and tan removal.

7. Yogurt

Made out of milk, this is also a great deal when it comes to taking care of skin at home only. Yogurt can be mixed with lot of other food based products or natural ingredients to produce some fabulous face masks or cleansing packs. Things yogurt does are – provide soothing effect to skin, helps in moisturizing, prevents acne, aging and provides relief from suntan.

8. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice
If you are in hurry, squeeze one slice of lemon and rub it all over your face and neck to get rid of dirt and other fungal impurities and give your skin a refreshing feel. The product has natural bleaching qualities which prevents discoloration of skin and helps in fighting back acne. Women try these beauty tips in Tamil Nadu to restore their damage skin easily at home only.

9. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds
Have you ever thought of this one??? Well if not, think now because this is one of the best home remedies to get rid of acne marks and pimples. Grind fenugreek seeds into fine powder and mix it with water. Apply the paste over the affected areas and leave it on overnight. The result will be worth celebrating.

10. Coffee

Coffee is one of my most favourite and fabulous kitchen products to get rid of everyday skin related problems and sunburn. This antioxidant works in no time and gives you clean, radiant skin. Mix it with your regular scrub or face wash for better and improved results. Such beauty tips are far better than high-priced skin treatments and beauty products.

11. Eggs

I have often heard that eggs work as great hair conditioner and provide soft, smooth and shiny hair. But who have thought of that they can be equally beneficial for facial skin too!? Make use of egg whites as a face mask and get tight, supple skin easily. This is also great product for revitalizing ski and fight anti-ageing.

12. Sugar

There is nothing great exfoliating ingredient than sugar in your kitchen. Mix sugar well with coffee or gram flour to produce amazing face scrub and blend it gently all over your face to get rid of dull and dead skin. You can also use sugar with rose water to clean your face every day and make it lively.

13. Turmeric

If you already know that turmeric works as great anti-septic agent, you must know that it works as equally great beauty hack. Most of the women suffer from past-acne scars and discoloration which ultimately reduces their facial glow and skin tone. It’s best to mix it with lemon juice or honey and apply it over the marks and dark spots to observe fading skin discoloration and soft skin. This is one of the most effective beauty tips for fairness and radiant skin.

14. Olive Oil

Olive Oil
Who says that olive oil is just great for cooking or hair growth??? Mix it with coffee and sugar and get some great homemade face scrub to get perfect removal of suntan and dead skin cells. This is actually one of the easiest, quickest and most effective scrubs in my knowledge.

15. Banana

Banana is a great fruit for skin toning and moisturizing. Mix it well with grapefruit and apply it all over the face to tone your skin and make it completely refreshing. You can also create natural face mask with the help of banana fruit in a couple of minutes before heading out. Make a paste with mashed banana and honey and apply it over the face to achieve beautiful glowing skin in few minutes.

16. Cucumber

Even the parlour people also make use of this one to soothe down eyes and lighten dark circles. So, why can’t you do this at home when cucumber is right there in your fridge??? It is a great supplier of Vitamins A, C, E and K which helps in removing dark circles by increasing the elasticity of delicate blood vessels surrounding the eyes area.

17. Tea Liquor

Tea Liquor
One of the best homemade hair conditioners is tea liquor. Be it thinning hair, irregular hair growth, dandruff or any other hair problem, use tea liquor as a hair conditioner for long, shiny hair and get rid of your forever problems.

18. Papaya

Papaya means phenomenal glow. Papaya is a great source of vitamins and minerals which make it must have in your food diet and in regular beauty regime. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin or sensitive, the fruit is good for all. Make different face packs by mixing it with honey, cucumber, orange and beneficial food ingredients depending on your skin type and let your skin glow its best.

19. Grapes

The best thing about grapefruit is that it contains resveratrol which can do wonders to any skin type without providing any harm. You can either directly apply grape pulp all over the skin for achieving wrinkle-free skin or make different face masks by mixing with other ingredients for radiant, healthy skin.

20. Cinnamon

Yes, it also comes in the list of best natural beauty tips which are easily available at home. Well, who would have thought of that!? Mix cinnamon powder with honey and make a thick paste for drying out of acne scars and exfoliate dead skin cells easily. Cinnamon can also work as great lip plumper on mixing with lip gloss.

21. Salt

I know you must be freaking out right now that how salt can be a beauty hack!? Well, it is and can be very effective if used rightly. Make use of a paste made up of sea salt and honey for extremely old acne marks and observe desired results. Though it might sting a bit in initial stage but the results would be worth trying.

22. Watermelon

Everyone knows that water melon is a great fruit for summer season as it contains extremely high content of water which protects us from dehydration and scorching heat. Also, the fruit feels good when applied on skin and under eye area. Watermelon contains sufficient amount of magnesium and potassium which is also good for eye health.

23. Sesame

Sesame is also one of the best homemade beauty tips for girls to get rid of dark circles and discoloration. It is highly rich source of Vitamin E which helps in reducing the formation of dark circles if applied regularly. Make it a part of your regular beauty regime instantly.

24. Black Currant

Black Currant
This will also work in the favour of your eye health and removal of dark circles. Black current helps in improving blood circulation which ultimately provides more oxygen to blood vessels under eye area. Make it a part of your regular food regime to get rid of dark circles naturally and enhance your beauty in the best possible way.

25. Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes
What can be a better beauty hack than ice cubes in summer season!? Ice cubes not only provide soothing effect to skin but also help in opening pores. Apply ice cubes directly to the affected areas and acne scars to lighten these spots and enhance your natural glow. You can also try this beauty tip before applying makeup for best results.

26. Chocolate

You must have heard of it but I am sure you don’t know how to get it done at home. It’s best to use dark chocolate in melted form for amazing home facial mask and apply it at night time to achieve best results. Chocolate is one of the best ingredients to get rid of tan and dull skin. It helps in restoring natural glow and lightening of skin.

27. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar
Most of the skin problems are associated with women having oily texture. For example, pimples, strong acne spots and redness are some of the major skin problems in this case. Use this food product as a toner for clearing off the extra oil from your skin and get rid of annoying acne marks and redness.

28. Mint Leaves

Mint Leaves
The best thing about mint leaves is that these are just the best choice for every kind of skin and is totally season-friendly. Try face pack made out of grounded mint leaves and rose water and make your skin healthy, glowing and radiant. These beauty tips for face are easily accessible and totally affordable.

29. Rose Water

Rose Water
Who doesn’t know about the countless benefits of rose water on skin!? But the fact is that most of the women ignore this product and forget to make it a part of their regular beauty regime. Rose water is the based product to take care of skin on daily basis and restore its natural charm. Use it for making various different home based face masks and give your skin essential care it requires.

30. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil
You all know about the cooling sensation and amazing health benefits of peppermint but peppermint oil is not behind too. It has some awesome results on hair and beauty if used rightly. It increases hair growth, provides enriched nourishment to dry scalp and helps in strengthening the root. Make use of peppermint oil on regular basis and improve the health of your locks in best way.

Now you have all the information with you, what are you still waiting for!? Let your skin breathe its best and glow like never by making use of these homemade beauty tips instantly.

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