5 Stylish Ways To Wear A Scarf

An all-season accessory, a scarf can change the entire look of your outfit, depending on the way you tie it. As scarves have gotten trendier, so have their uses. Scarves are now used for everything as a hair tie to a top to a skirt.


There are our top stylish ways to wear a scarf.

1. The Loop

Turn your casual everyday outfit into a trendy one with one simple scarf. Start with a single basic loop around your neck. Twist both ends of the scarf around the loop starting from back to front. Finish by arranging the shorter ends in the middle.

How to wear a scarf
Image Source: Gurl.com

2. Belted Drape

Add colour and style to your outfit with this easy-to-wear scarf tying style. Simple drape it around your neck and tie a belt around the waist. Voila! You’re good to go!

Anushka Sharma Scarf
Image Source: Vagabomb

3. Headband

Pull a Blair Waldorf with this simple style that turns your scarf into a boho headband. Fold it diagonally and then over to make into a thin band. Tie a knot in the front (or at the back) and tuck the loose ends into the scarf. Your headband is ready!

Blair Waldorf Headband Scarf
Image Source: Bustle

4. The Atlantis

Looking for a trendy look that will also hide the extra unwanted belly curves? This style is for you! Simple hoop a scarf around the neck, keeping one end longer than the other. Fan out the longer end and tuck one corner in the hoop, and you’re good to step out.

Ways to wear a scarf
Image Source: Gurl.com

5. Knotted Shawl

This look is ideal for a more formal or traditional event. Start by putting the shawl or scarf around your shoulders. Tie a half knot at the back with the ends. Pull one end over your shoulders and the other lower to cover the knot. With just that, you’re party ready!

How to wear a scarf shawl
Image Source: Helloglow

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