50 Types of Bra Designs to Complete your Forever Lingerie Wish list

Let me bring it straight to you – we all love them, no matter we admit or not but yes we do with all our heart and soul. Lingerie is the only garment which no one else but the wearer can see (of course, exceptions are there) but still is the most vital element of any woman’s dressing. Yes, I say women predominantly because this group of humans are obsessed with various alluring bra designs and new styles. What if I tell you that there are 50 unique types of bra available in the market which can fulfil all your wardrobe desires and make you look your best with almost every kind of outfit!? Well, I am not kidding.

A right set of bra and panty is not easy to find; ask a woman and she will explain you the wrath she undergoes while shopping lingerie. Also, the fact that there are different sizes and age groups according to which it becomes really troublesome to pick the right one for your individual personality. Fret not, there is always a solution to every problem. What you just need is the right guidance and shopping tips to make your wish come true and get what you are actually looking for. First of all, let’s talk about different body types that play the major role in buying the right lingerie and bra type. Basically, there are four categories – women with small busts, heavy busts, sagging busts or pregnant women. It’s very important to know your body type and size to find the right set for yourself and feel comfortable every hour. Not just to look good, but wearing the right lingerie is very essential for good health.

Always keep three points in mind while shopping different types of bra and styles –

1. Never ever compromise with the comfort and breathability
2. Right size is all you need at first place and then look for right coverage and support
3. It should go well with your outfit and body type

I believe you know the basics now, so it would be easy to understand these different styles of bra and how it would fit right to your requirement and wardrobe essentials. Let’s crash in…

1. Push-Up Bra

Well, the name suggests the purpose quite well. Push-up bra is meant to lift the bust area and give them fuller appeal. Women belonging to every size can wear this kind of bra to provide symmetrical shape and alignment to their breasts.

Tip – If your cleavage is too low-lined, then push-up bra can be a great pick to lift up your bust area and add volume to it.

2. T-Shirt Bra

Simply must-haves! One of the most common and popular items of woman’s lingerie drawer, t-shirt bra is just the best when it comes to comfort and support. This is generally padded bra but not in every case. What these bras primarily offer is the seamless minimized look and gentle support.

3. Sports Bra

You can understand the motive just by the name. Designed primarily for vigorous exercise and workout, the life of a woman is incomplete without a sports bra. These bras are crafted in a way that they offer full coverage and great support to ensure best comfort and flexibility while doing physical activities.

4. Padded Bra

There is a myth surrounding padded bras that these are not good for health. Well, there is nothing as such in the real world. One must pick the right size and style to suit the body type and overall personality.

Tip – Women with smaller busts can try this to add volume and enhance their size. Plus, winters are simply incomplete without padded bras.

5. Strapless Bra

This is my personal story which you must know – there was a time when I was too scared to give this one a try just to stay away from wardrobe malfunctioning kind of disaster. But now I just can’t keep my hands off this sexy bra type and the best thing is that it goes with almost every outfit.

6. Halter Bra

I can surely say one thing about halter bra is that it definitely is the most comfortable in the lot. The bra goes perfect with tanks, tubes and other ill-fitted clothes and make sure that your breasts stay in position and offers good support.

7. Stick on Bra

You ever wondered what your fave celebrities wear underneath those plunging necklines and dangerous cut-outs. This is where stick on bra comes in the picture and offers you full support. The purpose of such bra type is to cover the nipples and ensure no peeking through the dress.

8. Bandeau Bra

Bandeau bras are good option when you think of wearing loose baggy clothes and racer back tops. These bras do not have any hook closing and straps which makes them uniquely comfortable and attractive.

Tip – Make sure to pick the right size as the fit totally depends on your busts and shoulders.

9. Balconette Bra

One of my favourites among various different types of bras available in the modern world!
Balconette bras offer medium coverage by letting the upper part of your busts visible and are generally under wired to offer great support and stability. Good choice for women with small or medium-sized breasts!

10. Racerback Bra

Racerback bras are just the ultimate saviours when it comes down to hide your straps around the wide shouldered dresses. The straps here linger around the collarbone and provide higher flexibility and support as compared to other regular bras.

11. Front Open Bra

It’s all about individual comfort and choice. If you feel that front open bra is more comfortable and convenient to wear than other back open bras, go for it. These bra types are usually picked by women in their early 40s and 50s.

12. Underwire Bra

Under wired bras are infamously known as the ones affecting the health of the wearer and providing discomfort. But if you do not think like this and wish for great support and right shape, these are your go-to option.

13. Convertible Bra

How about having a chic convertible bra in your lingerie section!? After all, when everyone knows that how heavy these pretty little things cost on pocket, why not go for cost-effective options!? Such bra types come with range of various strap sets, offering the wearer with amazing versatility and style.

14. Maternity Bra

The name explains it all. Maternity bras offer great comfort, easy manageability and are just the best choice for new mothers. These bras provide full coverage and are extremely soft in designing. Gift your friends who are new mommies to be!

15. Transparent Bra

What about the dresses tossed with deep V-necklines at the back or just in case backless dresses??? Transparent bras are the only and ultimate pick to pair with these party wears and stay comfortable at every hour.

16. Seamless Bra

Nothing can be better discovery than a seamless bra. The thing about bras which generally annoy every woman is the lining which comes straight out in thin fabrics and light hued dresses. But you don’t have to worry if you stock seamless bra in your collection.

17. Silicone Bra

Another perfect invention in the world of fashion, silicone bra is just the best when it comes to see through backless dresses and other exclusive outfits. These bras are matchlessly comfortable, provide optimal support and are also reusable.

18. Plunge Bra

Just like plunging dresses, plunge bras are discovered to offer complete justice to such staples. Whenever you are wearing something which might affect your cleavage line and is incorporated with deep V-neck line, plunge bra comes to the rescue.

19. Bralette

There is nothing better than a sexy bralette. Also, these are highly popular nowadays and are the hottest trend of the modern lingerie world. Wear it underneath or make it a part of your party dressing – choice is totally yours!

20. Longline Bra

If you are a serious party animal, make sure to own this one. Longline bras stretch a bit more after the bust line and offer optimal fit and body shape. Wear such bra designs underneath evening gowns and other body kissing outfits and unveil the best state of your body

21. Mastectomy Bra

Women who have undergone mastectomy must have these bras in their collection to not affect their normal body shape and overall personality. Such women bras are constructed with silicone pockets in each cup and are designed with soft fabric to ensure utmost comfort of the wearer.

22. Minimizer Bra

Do you have bigger busts??? Well if you have, feel yourself lucky. But if you ever want to compress them little just in case of some specific clothes, go for minimizer bras. These are specifically designed to curb the projection of the bust area by realigning breast tissues, which ultimately provides the image of smaller busts.

23. Cami Bra

A perfect blend of camisole and regular bra is what makes cami bra. These are available in high necklines and full coverage, making them perfect option beneath deep neck dresses and tees.

24. Cage Bra

How about introducing some sass in your lingerie set!?

A bra designed with plunging neckline and various stylish straps which are meant to expose is what contemporary style cage bra is.

25. Corset Bra

It’s not possible that you don’t know about corset bra. The fit and snug of this bra is simply matchless, usually worn by the bride to get the optimal shape of the wedding attire.

26. Shelf Bra/Cupless Bra

Yes, this one has also emerged and you should have it in your exclusive collection. The sexy bra doesn’t have cups and allows peeping of the nipples through the sheer frame.

27. Full Support Bra

If you are in no mood to show off any area surrounding your bust line including cleavage too, slip into full support bra to make your wish come true and inhale utmost comfort.

28. Novelty Bra

If you like to wear these fancies not just underneath, but sometimes above the garment, go for novelty bra and make your wish come true. These bras are designed by using attractive pearls, stones and other embellishments.

29. Sheer Bra

The right definition of a sexy bra is a sheer bra which is crafted by making use of smooth see-through fabric and looks extremely gorgeous when worn by any woman. Make it a part of your amazing collection and let your inner goddess fly high.

30. Trainer Bra

For the beginners, trainer bra is just the right pick to let their breasts go in right shape and give them complete support. These bra designs come in highly affordable prices and versatile range to suit the needs of the wearer.

31. Triangle Bra

A bikini bra is what basically a triangle bra is. The purpose is just to cover the nipple section and let you breathe your best while relaxing at the beach backdrop. Here the cups are in triangular shape.

32. Old-world Bra

Have you seen old Bollywood movies where women were draped in sarees and suits??? So, you must have noticed the shape of their blouse around the bust area. This is how bras used to be in ancient days.

33. Wirefree Bra

Mostly women prefer this one due to utmost comfort and easy breathability. Also, wirefree bras are good choice for every kind of season and occasion. Shop these types of bra to sass up your overall style and fashion quotient.

34. Bustier

Were you looking for an ultra slinky and sexy bra??? Well, your search ends here. Bustier bra is actually meant to flaunt woman’s curves and give them voluminous appeal. These are also superb in defining your waist line and flawless cleavage.

35. Low Back Bra

Now, you don’t have to limit your options when it comes to sassy dressing. Low back bras allow you to slip into stylish backless dresses or broad shouldered outfits with much ease and satisfaction. These different types of bras are designed to understand the fashion needs of modern women.

36. Bullet Bra

Hailing from vintage time, these bras used to be the fave of women of that era. Pointed curves, seamless foam and full coverage are some of the key features of bullet bra.

37. Strappy Bra

All of us know about the new trendy women clothes which are all sort of bare back look. What you think can go best with such fashionable staples??? Strappy bra is what you should hunt for this time.

38. Binder Bra

Are you a tom boy??? If you are, let your look speak that for you. Binder bra provides full support and compression to delicate, bouncy breasts and gives you that perfect look in every outfit.

39. Compression Bra

For women who have undergone some kind of breast surgery or treatment, this bra is highly advisable. Designed with detachable straps, full coverage and support, these bras will not affect your valuable comfort and are simply must have in your collection.

40. Low Neck Bra

If ever you feel like flaunting your beautiful cleavage line, make peace with gorgeous low neck bra and let fashionista inside you dance her heart out. This padded bra provides perfect fit and support to your curves.

41. Built-in Bra

For those who just hate conventional discomforts associated with regular women bras! Built-in bra is the right invention for such ladies who can wear these pads attached camisoles and give their busts complete support.

42. Nursing Bra

Just like maternity bras, these have fabric flaps which can be uncovered at the time of breastfeeding but these bras are crafted with an underwire for greater support and right shape to prevent early sagging of breasts.

43. Peephole Bra

Yes, such bras do exist and you would love them once you get them on your body. Peephole bras basically offer peep in your nipples and these are exclusively designed for newlyweds to let them make the best of their honeymoon time.

44. Maximizer Bra

As the name suggests, the purpose of these bras is to provide volume and fuller appeal to women with smaller busts. Maximizer bra can save your day for important occasions and events. These are generally padded bras to increase the overall upper body area.

45. Soft Padded Bra

See if you belong to medium-sized group, there is always confusion about the right type of bra and design. That’s why soft padded bras exist to go with your distinct personality and body shape.

46. Lace Bra

Usually designed for newly married women, these bras are fabricated with plush laces and attractive qualities to ensure 100% user comfort and satisfaction. You must have this one in your lingerie segment.

47. Bridal Bra

Well, this one is exclusive. Bridal bras come in huge variant of vibrant hues, patterns and designs to let newlyweds flaunt their curves like never and make the best of their beautiful time of life.

48. U-Plunge Bra

Here comes to the rescue of deep plunging outfits! Well, honestly these bras are less of coverage and more of sultriness. But special occasions demand for special garments. What say!?

49. Belly Dance Bra

Specially designed for belle dancers, these bras provide optimal coverage and support allowing them to groove to their best. Always pick one size bigger than your usual one in this case as these are normally larger than regular women bras.

50. Water Bra

Well, water bra is new to the category. These bras contain water or other liquid packets attached inside to enhance the natural look of a woman’s breasts. Water bra is actually a better choice than padded bra for naturally enhanced look and more comfortable appeal.

So now you know that there are actually 50 different types of women bras existing on our planet, then why are you still behind!?

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