6 Benefits of Potato- The Humble Super Food

Being called a couch potato might not be the insult that it once was, given the innumerable skin benefits that it provides.

 If you were grateful for french fries or vodka, you might not know what to do with all these extra benefits this vegetable has to offer. 

It is an easily accessible beauty ingredient to go to, and gives massive returns, all while being 100% natural! Potatoes are rich in vitamin C and contain catecholase enzymes that reduce dark spots, blemishes, and acne scars. It contains potassium which hydrates and moisturizes the skin. It has vitamin B6, which improves new cell formation. The calcium present heals dry skin and protects the top layer.

It has been said that just like the apple, a potato a day can keep the dermatologist away. 

Here are 6 beauty benefits that can be extracted from the humble superfood:

1. Removes dark circles, dark spots, and tan

Potatoes are natural skin lighteners and work effectively on dark circles and dark spots, as they are rich in vitamin C. If you have been out in the sun, potatoes can reverse the damage, if used regularly. 

How to use- Peel and cut the potato into pieces. Put them into a handkerchief, and let it sit over the eyes for 20 minutes before rinsing off. 

2. Reduces Puffiness

Chilled, peeled and sliced potatoes are a good natural way to decrease puffiness in the eye region. Adding cucumber makes it even more effective. 

3. Reduces Wrinkles

Potatoes are rich in antioxidants, making them a go-to vegetable for removing fine lines and wrinkles. This can also be used for the aging in the under-eye region. 

How to use- Squeeze out potato juice after peeling and grating, and apply to the face.

4. Brightens and Tones

Potato is a natural toner and helps even out the skin tone, keeping it bright and radiant.

 How to use- Squeeze out potato juice after peeling and grating, and apply to the face and neck.

5. Removes Blemishes and Burns

With its rich content of Vitamin B and C, potato juice works miraculously to remove blemishes. It heals the skin and gives it a healthy tone. 

6. Removes Grey Hair

Potatoes work on grey hair as well and give your hair an overall lustrous shine.

How to use-  Boil about give potatoes with the peels on, and wash your hair regularly with this water to see an effect. 

With these benefits listed, I hope you are on your way to the kitchen, picking out ripe and big potatoes from the basket in the corner. It is beauty hacks like these- natural, simple and pocket-friendly, that are my favorite. I have witnessed my skin radiating so much more in the last month, and blemishes slightly fading, after applying potato juice on a daily basis. 

Here are a few ways that this God sent vegetable can be made even more effective:

  1. You can apply this every morning after freezing it overnight in ice cube trays. The ice itself is an anti-aging technique that awakens your face and improves blood circulation. The potato is the fuel of this genius technique. Two goods can make the best! 
  2. If you have a sheet mask at home (available at Miniso), you can soak it in some cold potato juice and keep it on your face for ten minutes.

Skin Brightening Ubtan
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