6 Quirky Additions To Your Home Decor For The Summer

Spring passed by in a jiffy, and the summer heat has already got us sweating. It’s time to put away the quilts and jackets and bring out the summer essentials. The heat brings with it colours and appealing summer prints. Your home decor needs a touch of vibrancy and quirk.

We bring to you our choice of the top 6 Tjori products that will add a quirky twist to your summer decor. A blend of colours and tradition, these additions will make your summer more pleasant and apppealing.

1. Moroccan Tea Light Holder

Made with iron, this tea light holder flaunts intricate designs that throw magnificent patterns around the room when a tea light is placed within. Small and handy, it can be put in any room to add an aura of mystery and beauty. You can also get similarly patterned ceiling lamps and floor lights here. 

Moroccan Tea Light Holder

2. Handblock Printed Bed Set

A 7 piece set, this bed set is a beautiful mix of traditional prints and summer colours. The intricate elegant hand blocked prints add an earthy charm to the brown contrast. The cool-toned off-white background is ideal for the summer, while the prints bring to mind spring blooms. You can find more colourful sets here.

Bed Set

3. Aari Canvas Table Sets

Add colour to your dining room decor with this set of tablemats and placemats. The floral designs in vivid colours against the white background will surely add a hint of spring to your home. The abundance of white colour all sets a cool-toned mood for the room. You can find more table sets here.

Table Sets

4. Arabic Aftaba Set

Add a touch to your dining room decor with this regal Arabic Aftaba set. The perfect set to serve guests with, this set consists of a matching plate, an aftaba, and 6 cups. The rarity of design makes this perfect for your home. You can check out more aftaba sets here.

Aftaba Set

5. Kashmiri Lunchbox

Why limit your quirkiness only to your home decor? This traditional Kashmiri lunchbox flaunts intricate floral motifs on vividly coloured backgrounds. They instantly catch everyone’s attention and are ideal for picnics or afternoon trips. You can find more Kashmiri lunchboxes here.

Kashmiri Lunchbox

6. Madhubani Paintings

Nothing screams spring and summer like vividly coloured paintings. This Madhubani painting flaunts intricate artwork, depicting an artistic tree in a variety of colours. These Madhubani paintings have a long-standing history, and usually, reflect stories from the life of Lord Krishna. You can see our collection of Madhubani paintings here.

Madhubani Paintings


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