7 Skin Benefits of Chandan Powder

With beauty gurus and mothers around the world emphasizing on the use of a strict beauty care regime instead of makeup everyday, the need for quality skin care products has risen. More and more people are looking for skin care products that are natural, healthy, and have multiple uses. Sandalwood Powder, or Chandan, matches all these needs.

Chandan Sandalwood Powder

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Derived from the Sandalwood tree, this powder has been the secret behind the exotic beauty of many Indian women. A remedy passed down from daughter to daughter, chandan has gained a lot of popularity over the decades.  

Pure sandalwood powder can do wonders that even sheet masks can’t compete with. A magical skin care product, this powder has abundant uses. To use, mix with rosewater or aloe vera for normal skin. Use with milk for dry skin. Use with yogurt for oily skin. Mix a teaspoon of fresh tomato juice to reduce pigmentation. Apply on your face and body and keep for 10 minutes. Gently wash with fresh water. Remove immediately if you experience any itching or burning sensation.


All Purpose Sandalwood Powder

Here are 7 skin benefits of the wonderous Chandan powder.

  • Acne Treatment: Hazardous air pollution and other forms of pollutions has resulted in an increase of acne and pimple related skin problems. More and more people are suffering from bouts of acne and related problems. The strong antibacterial properties of chandan powder help fight and prevent acne and other fungi and bacteria caused problems. Make a chandan paste by mixing 1 tbsp of chandan powder with ½ tbsp of turmeric powder and 1 tbsp of rose water for best results. 

    Chandan Turmeric Powder

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  • Remove Acne Scars: Severe acne and related skin problems often leave dark acne scars, marks, and blemishes, which stay long after the acne has disappeared. The medicinal properties of chandan powder help to fasten the process of scar healing. Mix 1 tbsp of chandan powder, ½ tbsp of turmeric powder and 1 tbsp of rose water for best results.Chandan Powder
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  • Reduce Skin Redness: Chandan powder has skin soothing properties that helps to calm irritated skin and cool it. This also helps to reduce redness and heat, which may often cause itching as well. Leave the pack on for half an hour for a cooler and calmer skin. Mix 2 tbsp of chandan powder with 2 tbsp of water to turn it into a thick paste for best results. 

    Chandan Face Pack

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  • Remedy For Open Pores: Avoid layers of makeup and concealer to hide your open pores. Regular use of chandan powder helps to clean your pores from deep within, as well as reduce the size of your pores. Make a paste of chandan powder and rose water and apply it on your face for best results. 


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  • Anti-Tanning Properties: Global warming and the blazing sun has given rise to severe tanning. Though a light tan adds definition and colour to your skin, high levels of tan is often unhealthy and regular exposure to the sun can cause permanent skin darkening. Mix 1 tbsp of chandan powder with 1 tsp of sour curd and 1/2 tsp of honey for a pack that will help reduce tanning. 

    Sandalwood Pack

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  • Skin Scrub: Get rid of dead skin cells, pollutants, and clogged pores from your skin by creating a scrub using natural ingredients like chandan powder. Mix chandan powder and black chickpea powder in equal quantity either of milk or rose water; apply the paste to your face and massage in soft circular motion for 5 minutes for best results. 

    Chandan Powder

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  •  Night Fairness Cream: Treat your skin to a night of beauty goodness by creating a fairness cream that will work its magic while you sleep at night. Mix 2 tbsps of chandan powder, 2 tbsps of curd, 2 tbsps of lemon juice and 2 tbsps of aloe vera gel till you get a cream like tendency. Apply and keep all night.


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