9 International Celebs Wearing Indian Wear

Over the decades, and more so after Globalization and Liberalization, there has been a tremendous exchange of cultures, values, trends, styles, and more. Fashion has jumped ahead by miles with the introduction of new markets and styles. International celebrities took to Indian ethnic wear like bees to honey.

Various celebrities have worn Indian outfits, as well as India inspired outfits for various occasions. Here is our list of the top 9 celebrities flaunting their curves in Indian wear.

1. The Beatles

Back in 1968, the Beatles visited India and decided to indulge in the complete experience India has to offer, including Indian outfits. The rocked their cotton Kurta Pajamas like absolute pros!

Beatles in Indianwear
Image Source: TheNewLeam

2. Pamela Anderson At Big Boss

A fan of Bhai or Big Boss? Remember when Pamela Anderson joined the show and adorned ethnic India wear? She carried all Indian outfits with utter grace and poise, showing everyone that she truly is a boss!

Pamela Anderson India Big Boss
Image Source: BollywoodMantra

3. Queen Of Style: Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham, a style icon in her own right, not only wore an Indian saree but was adorned with a Tarun Tahiliani creation! She wore this saree for a photoshoot for the cover of Vogue.

Victoria Beckham in Saree
Image Source: Pinterest

4. Socialite Paris Hilton

Hilton has taken to the Indian saree more than once, wearing it for various photography shoots as well. However, this classic red carpet look in a simple saree is what caught our attention the most!

Paris Hilton in Saree
Image Source: Pinterest

5. Naomi Watts

Esteemed actress and producer, Naomi Watts is not afraid to be the different one. She managed to look runway ready in a simple cotton suit. She chose this outfit for an ‘on-the-low’ everyday look.

Naomi Watts Indianwear
Image Source: Pinterest

6. Eva Mendes

A hot pink saree and a messy bun to go with it? None other than the gorgeous Eva Mendes can pull off the look. She looks exquisite in her desi look, and we wished she’d wear more of it!

Eva Mendez Saree
Image Source: Scoopwhoop

8. Lady Gaga

Tarun Tahiliani got the opportunity of a lifetime by getting a chance to dress Lady Gaga. Known for her bold outfits and unique beauty, Lady Gaga wore the Indian saree with the poise and grace of an Indian model.

Lady Gaga Tarun Tahiliani
Image Source: Pinterest

9. Julia Roberts

Pretty woman, walking down the street, pretty woman! Julia Roberts draped a saree and pulled it off with all the grace she is known for. Elegant and beautiful, Julia was a sight to behold!

Julia Roberts Saree
Image Caption: Pinterest
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