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One fine morning I woke up and noticed exactly how dull my skin had become. It all started a few months ago when the problem was somewhat minute. Not having treated my lifeless skin, and instead of trying to find quick solutions to it with chemical-ridden products was a mistake I regret to date. 

Chemical products are not bad if you absolutely need them. However, if you can avoid them then do so at all costs. Don’t torment your skin with formulations it doesn’t need. 

It was after a lot of frustration that I decided to give old school skincare a shot, and boy was I glad. 

It took a skincare regime that has been tested for years to bring my skin back to life. All it took was a good old scolding from my grandmother who then set out a strict skincare regime, comprising age-old recipes that still charm like your all-time favorite Bollywood actor. 

This recipe, comprised of an ubtan that was a lifesaver,  a blend of oils that I massaged my face with, and organic aloe vera gel.  

After this revelation, I learned a lot of things about natural skincare that I think sharing is a must. It has always been such a long path to healthy skin for me that I have taken it upon myself to inform as many people as I can about the Dos & Don’ts of skincare. 

Anytime is the best time to jump-start your skincare routine with Ayurveda prescribed face serums & organic-rich creams to keep your skin healthy, happy and supple. Pollution, dust and busy work schedules can cause your skin to get dehydrated easily, leaving it extremely prone to wrinkles if not moisturized every few hours! Tjori’s curated skincare range is effective & hydrating, leaving a rejuvenated glow on your skin. Here are some of the best hydration boosters for your skin, made appropriately to use at different times in the day.

Overnight Skin Transforming Face Serum: The best time to moisturize your skin is at night. It gives your skin the most amount of time to absorb the oils and work to heal your skin of blemishes, pigmentation, pimples, etc. 

Overnight Skin Transforming Face Serum

Face Gels: The second life-changing recommendation I would make is Tjori’s facial gels. They are so so easy and convenient to use throughout your day giving you a hydration boost within seconds and no grease!

Here are a few gels:

Anti Aging Coffee Gel

Acne Spot Removing Cinnamon Face Gel
With this, I hope some of your skincare woes get solved. However, it is of extreme importance that you remember that a healthy diet, proper water intake and 8 hours of sleep is extremely crucial as well. 

Here are some additional skincare hacks that I can swear by:

  1. Wash your face with cold water only
  2. Pat your face dry with cold water after washing your face
  3. Moisturize no matter what, even if you have oily skin
  4. Do not exfoliate your face more than 1-2 a week 
  5. Re-hydrate your face throughout the day with a face gel 
  6. Drink water- RIGHT NOW!

I hope you have a smooth road to clear, healthy and hydrated skin! All the best!

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