Abhyanga Oil Massage for Babies

An Ayurvedic Escape to Wellness

The Sanskrit word ‘Sneha’ means both love and oil when translated into the English language. This almost begins to justify the tranquility one feels during an oil massage, but we would still suggest that you get one to truly understand its strength. 

Even with our schedules airtight, the ancient Ayurvedic practice of Abhyanga, an Ayurvedic massage, has managed to be an important part of our lives to date. Many Indian households reserve their Sundays for this luxurious but cost-effective form of therapy. Moreover, it has spread its wings to the Western part of the world, all the way from the subcontinent of India. 

This modest form of therapy has been recommended for babies by doctors. A daily oil malish is symbolic, as it nourishes the body, mind, and soul of the baby, all while enriching the bond shared between the mother and child during the massage. 

It improves their overall health, both physically and spiritually, with an added focus on strengthening their immune system. Abhyanga can heal any stiffness and tiredness from the body, leaving your baby relaxed by the end of it which helps them fall asleep faster and for longer durations, which will give you more time too.

The action of massaging a baby is similar to that of watering a plant, as it nourishes the baby and helps them grow healthily. Ayurvedic massages are known to stimulate growth in premature babies as well. Abhyanga for babies directly impacts the central nervous and digestive systems, which relieves them of common cries of colic and constipation. 

Since your baby cannot talk, physical affection is the most symbolic form of communication between a parent and child, which enhances the special bond shared by them. Giving a daily oil massage to your baby will be one of the most simple but rewarding tasks that there is. 

The oil used during this malish needs to be as nourishing and impactful as it can. The art and science of Ayurveda have helped us with formulations for the ultimate wellness products that target the well-being of the child from within, and not just the skin. 

While giving a massage to your baby, there are certain things that you will need to keep in mind to enhance the goodness of the Ayurvedic ritual for maximum effectiveness. 

  1. You can warm the oil for a few seconds before applying it on the baby. It is EXTREMELY important to check the temperature of the oil before applying it on the baby as oil gets heated very fast and can cause burns.
  2. To enhance the bonding of the mother and child, it is important to apply the oil with your hands instead of a cotton ball. 
  3. Watch how your baby responds every step of the way, and repeat these actions.
  4. Test the oil of your baby before applying it everywhere.
  5. Remove all jewelry and create a calm environment
  6. The best time to massage your baby will be right before sleep. 
  7. Do not give a massage right after feeding, or when your baby is cranky. 
  8. Start from their heads and move to their toes.
  9. Spend some time on each body part.

A massage can vary from 10-20 minutes and can leave your baby in a relaxed mood for the rest of the day or get a peaceful nights sleep. Tjori’s organic massage oils, allow for this essential and relaxing malish that boosts your baby’s wellness, and serves for some quality pampering time as well!

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