“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”


Martin Buber very rightly explains that every traveller has a secret destination, and we found ours, five years ago. On a graduation trip to Morroco, a young girl was amazed by the exquisitely handcrafted artefacts that the entire world has to offer. She didn’t want to stop there, thus Tjori was born. Ever since then, we travel to historically rich corners of the world to bring forward authentic handcrafted treasures.

At Tjori, our mission is to bring the world a little closer with our contemporary mix of indigenous textiles on modern silhouettes. Over the years we have observed the contemporary lifestyle industry evolve and we have been able to create a pioneering niche space for our self. Today we offer more than 3000 products and have recently launched our in-house personal care range which consists of 100% Organic and Ayurvedic products.

Tjori aims to redefine traditional Indian prints into modern contemporary chic fashion essentials. We source directly from artisans based in remote parts of the country with the sole purpose to provide to our customers with 100% authentic products, as well as, give the local artisans their well-deserved credit. We operate ethically and sustainably by making sure that no raw material goes to waste and our manufacturing costs minimal to the environment.

We at Tjori, love curating the best of the world for you to discover. After all, to discover is to live.

Happy Discovering!