Better Skin for the Long Run

Ayurveda at your rescue

Thankfully for me, skincare has never been rocket science. In a world full of chemical formulations that combat various skin issues, I have found myself an evergreen natural recipe that has kept me going through the years, getting to dodge the harmful chemicals.

Not having incorporated fancy multi-tiered skincare regimes into my daily routine, my skin still has a glow (touch wood) that often surprises me despite having a constant FOMO of not following society’s path to beauty and ignoring all those products on the shelf that claim to fix all my skin issues with their chemical formulations. It is after all these years of following a natural home remedy beauty regime that I see the difference. It has paid off. There is nothing more satisfying than following a simple, skin-friendly, cost=effective beauty regime, and see results for the long term. 

The game-changer for me has always been these range of Ayurvedic ubtans

An ubtan is a clay formulation for your face and skin. The particles, ever so tiny, sit on every inch of your skin, which especially ensures to tighten all your pores, which is definitely one benefit I got unknowingly from this beauty regime that I cannot believe I took for granted. 

An ubtan is for all skin types and can be made specifically for certain skin issues. Be it pigmentation, dry skin, oily skin, tanned skin, dull skin, there is an answer in the form of an ubtan for them all. 

I hope you try these recipes for your particular skin type as I feel the excitement on your behalf when you wash it off and reveal the instant glow that also works towards better skin in the long run. 

Here are a few recipes for certain skin types:

Pigmented Skin: You can add the juice of a potato to a Multani mitti base to clear your skin of pigmentation. This, done regularly, will go a long way to heal your skin of pigmentation. 

Skin Brightening Ubtan

Oily Skin: An ubtan will be your best friend to your oily skin if paired with rose water and curd. It will help greatly to absorb the extra oil that sits on your skin, tightening the pores further through which it gets secreted, minimising the secretion of oil.

T-Zone Oil Control Neem Face Pack

Dry Skin: Adding a few drops of your serum, along with raw cold milk into your ubtan paste, will help your skin with hydration as well as get rid of a stubborn tan

Hydrating Orange Peel Powder

Apart from this, I follow a simple rule for hydration- which always hydrates your skin.

I use an organic aloe vera gel for the day. It is convenient, easy to carry, easy to put, non-greasy, and aqua-based so it deeply hydrates the skin. Plus the aloe leads to clearer and brighter skin as well.

Aloe Vera Gel

For the night I use a repair serum that worlds to brighten and clear my skin as I sleep while hydrating it with its aqua-based serum made with enriching organic oils.

Overnight Skin Transforming Face Serum

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