Exemplifying Nobility with Brocade

The massive Indian handloom industry occupies a prominent position in the textile industry. The brocade fabric showcases the best of this industry. It is an ornate shuttle-woven fabric featuring distinct gold, silver or colorful threads made of silk, polyester, and cotton.

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The word brocade has an Italian origin and directly means ‘embossed cloth’. The brocade fabric is one of its kinds and reflects sheer nobility. It simply stands out for its excellence and opulence. Being a richly decorative fabric, it is usually used to create festive wear or outerwear clothing.


The rich and vibrant history of Brocade dates back to the Middle Ages. Brocade fabric was traditionally worn by people throughout China, Italy, Japan, Korea and Byzantium. Originating in the Byzantium, brocade fabric is considered to be one of the luxurious fabrics.

The wealthiest people in the society usually wore it. Because of the intricate design and the hours expected to make the texture, just the wealthier sectors and the nobility could bear the cost of brocade weaving.

The art of brocade also became prominent in the royal courts of King Akbar. During this time, brocade weaving with silver and gold threads became a specialty. This art was also widely recognized in the Vedic literature.

The art of brocade was much publicized with the British as well. They extensively used this fabric on curtains in the late nineteenth century.

Brocade Weaving

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Brocade is ordinarily woven on a drawloom wherein each string can be controlled independently. Eventually, brocade is woven using the weft technique. Notwithstanding its complex weave, the final texture of Brocade looks like a neatly embroidered surface.

Our Contemporary Take

Historically, Brocade weaving greatly supported the handloom industry in India. Even today, the finest brocades are invariably woven on handlooms.

We have thoughtfully incorporated this art into our collection of contemporary fashion essentials.

Banarasi Brocade Apparel

Pure banarasi brocade is one of the finest fabrics in India and is an ode to the fine craftsmanship of the weavers. Festooned with beautiful floral motifs, this exquisite collection is nothing less than a work of art and perfectly fits the wedding wardrobe.

Brocade Footwear

This festive season, decorate your feet with royalty and comfort. These vivid contemporary slider mules are perfect to keep you on the go, yet never off vogue.

Brocade Clutches & Potli Bags

Brocade stands as a testament to traditional, classic aesthetics. Standout this festive season with our enchanting box clutches and potli bags adorned with the serenity of brocade fabric.


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