The Capsule Wardrobe: The Key to a Stress-free Morning Routine

Not sure about what a capsule wardrobe is, then here is all you need to know about it. Particularly a capsule wardrobe is when you have 37 clothes for about 3 months in brief. This may be sounding a little impractical as I presume you being a Shopaholic and this would be sounding a bit challenging to you right? Especially, when you see a pretty dress hanging on the mannequin outside a shop and you can’t stop yourself from buying it. But here is a thing if you feel that every morning getting ready is consuming enough of your precious time for that we have a full proof plan. This capsule wardrobe is just made for you. This gives your time, a practical vision of you getting ready in your brain even before you wake up. This manages your time efficiently and gives you the liberty to think about other things as well. This also makes your wardrobe a standout focus as it functions of quality, not quantity.

Make a to-do, decide what all you want in your wardrobe:

Make a to-do, decide what all you want in your wardrobe:

In a particular order, properly assemble your capsule wardrobe, you first need to decide on what you want your wardrobe to do for you. Like for instance, if you spend a lot of your time at the office, then a professional wardrobe will be needed or if you’re a college going student who is ready to explore the new zest of life then getting neutrals and light hues is a good choice. For now, you are ready to make your own capsule wardrobe, let’s get started with the prep!

The Baby Step- Cleaning Your Wardrobe:

Have you ever thought about this as a baby step? I know this doesn’t sound fun, but it’s a very important step. Now starting from getting everything out, making sure that no old-fashioned or off trends clothes are not going into your wardrobe again. Try to donate those clothes you don’t feel like keeping anymore. This will help you to maintain the wardrobe and also it’s a good deed to do. Here is another point that you could score, check if there is a clothing piece which you haven’t worn and it’s new. You can either try and fix that or chances are it is useful for some other person.  What helps the most is dumping all the clothing on the bed and then sorting it out. This also helps because you will not stop in between as you need to sort it before going to bed.

Listing is Fun:

Now I hope you have cleaned it up and everything is totally out of your closet. Look through and see what you already have and what you are missing? Do you need a Kurti, Suit, Saree or a Jacket? To make it all a little easier. Make a list of all the things you already have and a list of what all you need in your capsule wardrobe to get it done. Try to make this more towards what to want to wear, instead of following the trends. Do you want to wear more Kurtis instead of tops or pants instead of palazzos?  Then maybe you can buy handcrafted Kurtis or designer sarees. Make a choice with whatever you feel like and whatever you are comfortable in.

Theme it up!

Theme it up!

The main idea of a capsule wardrobe is to be able to mix and match your clothing items. In order to make this possible, pick those pieces which are basic and are in light hues. For starters, you may start picking colours which are neutral and can be used with many other options. It is important to know about your style and references. So, make sure to stick to your own style.

Shop and Hop!

Now Let us do the crucial step. Kidding! It is the most loved step into the world that is ‘Shopping’!  Choosing the right items and placing them in your cart is really an important step. Enhance your capsule wardrobe. Here’s what is important because your wardrobe is going to be compact, choosing the right and efficient clothing is essential. Maintain the quality over quantity, especially since you’ll be wearing these pieces more often. Investing the basics will help you in a long run. All the handcrafted pieces will function accordingly. If you like ethnic Indian clothing, then switch to Kurtis in different styles. You can complement these with different types of pants like straights pants, palazzos in neutral shades and skirts. In western clothing, you can opt for tops and jeans.

If you are a person who is always on professional meetings and outings then you can go for pants, trousers, and even ethnic clothing which work well in the professional work environment. Here you go with a perfect wardrobe capsule for 3 months.

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