Charcoal For Men- A Versatile Ingredient with Immense Wellness!

Charcoal for centuries has been known for its ability to cleanse and detoxify pollutants. Recently it has picked up prevalence for the skin benefits it gives. Now a days it plays an important role in every wellness products. Tjori introduces its charcoal cleansing range for men which includes Purifying Charcoal Bar, Activated Charcoal Face Gel, Charcoal Scrub for Black Heads and Charcoal Body Scrub. These products are enriched with the wellness of charcoal which absorbs the excessive sebum production and conveniently removes unwanted oil from face hence providing us with immense number of benefits. Have you ever wondered why charcoal is such a powerful ingredient and why it is treated as a powerful source when it comes to cleanse toxins. 

Here is it why.  

Controls Excessive Oil

A lot of us have face acne and especially during summers due to excessive sebum production the situation just worsens. Not only that acne even takes place when our pores get clogged and blocked. Using charcoal can help us in getting rid of all unwanted clogged pores.

Diminish the size of our pores

Staying outdoors can cost our skin a lot more than we can ever think. Pollution and dust sets on the surface of our skin making our pores blocked and hence making them more noticeable. Charcoal is here to your rescue, it is believed that charcoal extracts the dirt from the clogged pores and aids in reducing the size of our visible enlarged pores. 

It is an Anti-Ageing Agent

A youthful skin that defies age, isn’t that on the wish list for most of us? We start seeing fine lines of wrinkles but a lot of us aren’t aware of the fact that ageing doesn’t stop just at wrinkles. Other factors such as dull skin, blemishes and freckles leads to our premature look as well. Well, charcoal is here to our rescue, it has the ability to tighten our pores and make our skin look more firm thus preventing premature ageing.

Cures Dandruff

Charcoal bar has the functionality of multiple things. It can also be used as shampoo on dry scalp. It extracts the dirt and toxins from the dry scalp and provides grease free and nourished hair while allowing your scalp to breathe easy! 

Suitable For All

Before choosing any product it is essential to know that it may suit our skin without any hustle. Charcoal not only provides us with its immense number of benefits and wellness but also suits every skin type. 

So, the next time you plan to have a healthy skin, make charcoal as a part of your beauty routine and say bye bye to dirt and toxins for once and all. 

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