Face Gels- Taking the Beauty Industry by Storm

My mother had a technique of putting oil on her face, waiting for an hour till it soaked in, and then washing it off! Typing it out really does make me realize how excessive a process that is, while also leaving your skin feeling heavy, and not fully hydrated. I’ll make sure she is reading this blog, so I know I would have helped someone somewhere. 

Skincare has always been a tedious task for me. In today’s fast-paced world, we do not have the time to apply oil, wait for it to soak in, and then wash it off. Not to mention how uncomfortable that waiting time is. I recently found a beauty hack that I now can swear by, much to my relief. If you have dry skin, then this blog might be a jackpot for you, as I have struggled with keeping my skin hydrated and moisturized to prevent dullness, fine lines, and rough skin. The recent discovery of the easy application of a facial gel on freshly washed skin has proven to be very effective, as well as time-saving.

 Consequently, it is no surprise to me that face gels have taken the beauty industry by storm. They seem almost magical with their gel formula, hydrating your skin and keeping it super light with no excess oil. Our skin is dehydrated (oily skin can be dehydrated too) and irritated so often.

It is a convenient beauty enhancer that you can apply five minutes before stepping out, or the night before going to bed. Gels can be used for treating scars, burns, and acne too. 

Even a little bit of oiliness can lead it to attract dirt and dust when you step out, but we all know how important moisturizing is which leaves us at a crossroads. The perfect solution to this problem is facial gels. Moisturizing and hydrating, and leaving no stickiness or oiliness behind, they let you step out of the house feeling light and carefree.

Tjori’s curated range of facial gels, with thoughtfully added ingredients, ensures that this light-weight facial gel does the trick for your face, keeping it healthy and nourished and also tackles the other common skin problems that we are bound to face in this fast-paced world. 

This Acne Spot Removing Cinnamon Face Gel is a deeply hydrating facial gel that helps get rid of acne. It also slowly fades away acne scars with regular usage. Packed with cinnamon extracts and oil, this gel ensures bright and rejuvenated skin by removing dead skin cells.

Acne Spot Removing Cinnamon Face GelUse the goodness of lemon to fight blackheads and their scars. The bleaching and cleansing properties of lemon make this face gel a wonderful treatment against pigmentation, dark spots and tanning.

Blackhead Treatment Lemon Face Gel

This combos includes-:

Haldi Chandan Massage Gel & Blemish Free Gel

1. Haldi Chandan Facial Massage Gel

Based on the ayurvedic formulation of combining the most skin friendly ingredients in a super smooth luxurious facial gel. Gently hydrates the skin along with giving it a glow and brillance that stays all day long.

2. Blemish Free Gel

Blemishes are usually caused by oil-clogged pores and stress. Crafted with Orange peel extracts, Ashoka bark extracts and Aloe vera Juice. Enriched with Vitamin E this face gel has antioxidant properties.

You can find more of our hand-picked geniuses face gel, and fall in love with your new conveniently hydrated skin!

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