Fight the Taboo with Grace!!

Are dark underarms one the reason you have stopped wearing your favorite top or going out for a swim? Well, here we have a solution to this issue. It is believed that our underarms should be the same skin color as the rest of your skin. But sometimes, the skin in the armpits can turn a darker color and create hyper pigmentation. Dark underarms usually aren’t a sign of anything serious, but some people may find them embarrassing. Before going into any conclusion, let’s see what causes dark underarms.

Darkening is often due to a skin condition called acanthosis nigricans (AN). It causes skin to thicken and darken in folds around the body. Our skin color is recognized by cells called melanocytes. When these cells multiply more than normal, they can turn the skin a darker color. Not only that, skin tanning and sweating can lead to skin darkening as well. Other than that, at times our hormonal disorder causes the dark pigmentation too since it leads in the production of skin pigmentation cells. A lot of times, all of us also use skin products that contain chemicals, which we are unaware of hence causing discoloration and patches on our sensitive skin. There are several natural ingredients that you could use if you are troubled with dark skin in the underarm area.

Underarms Skin Brightening Pack
Tjori has got the wellness of these natural ayurvedic ingredients in its “Underarm Skin Brightening Pack”. This ayurvedic underarm pack is formulated with Aqua, Kaolin Clay, Fuller Earth, Glycerin, Papaya Extracts, Lemon Juice, Orange and Preservative Base.  Bid goodbye to dark underarms and lift your arms with confidence by using this Tjori’s underarms skin brightening pack. This gentle pack has been formulated with ayurvedic wellness that absorb toxins and reduce pigmentation. The wellness of kaolin clay aids in reducing the pigmentations while the fuller earth provides with coolness. The extracts of lemon juice and orange acts as natural bleaching agent, especially because its high concentration of citric acid. It will help you remove dead skin cells and lighten your skin, over a period of time. With no hazardous chemicals, it is safe and gentle on skin, free of side-effects. It is one quick underarm detox treatment from Tjori that you surely need.

Let’s all fight the taboo and raise our arms without any fear!

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