Flawless Face Pack For A Healthy Skin

Who wouldn’t love to have flawless skin? Just like the rest of our body parts, the skin also requires certain essential nutrients to maintain it in good health. Hormonal ups and downs, deficiency of certain essential dietary components etc. may create havoc on the skin. So while you spend unnecessary expenditure on buying expensive cosmetics to look good on the outside, you may also benefit from spending some time to ensure an organic treatment for your skin.

Flawless Papaya & Orange Face Pack

Always remember that makeup and skin go hand in hand, it is impossible to achieve a “Flawless” makeup with an upset skin. Hence a lot of times, all of try to hide our “flaws” with artificial medium but that’s really not helping us out? Isn’t it? To include the wellness of natural ingredients, Tjori introduces its Flawless Papaya and Orange Face pack. The combination of papaya and orange will aid in giving a skin you have been looking for. Why papaya and orange? – Papaya has rightly been named as one of the most versatile fruit due to its versatility and amazing beneficial properties. Orange is well suited for oily skin because it works as a natural astringent that reduces the oil on the face.

This face pack from Tjori is here to help you have flawless skin, a face pack that combines the goodness of orange peel with the nourishing benefits of papaya leaves. This ancient recipe from India works to  purify the skin from within. Orange is well suited for oily to combinations skin because it works as a natural astringent that reduces the oil and breakouts on the face. Together orange extracts and papaya also have skin brightening properties. They work well on blemishes, spots, pigmentation, and skin dullness.It has been used for centuries, and now sustainably packaged and delivered to your doorstep so you too can benefit from the skincare secrets of ancient India.

The product description has not been evaluated by the food & drug administration(FDA), therefore it is not edible (not for consumption). The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The product should not be used by pregnant ladies, lactating mothers and children below 10 years of age without consultation of a registered medical practitioner . We recommend Oil skin beauty to use water/rose water to mix ubtan with for application purpose & dry skin people to use unboiled milk to mix with.

It is extremely feasible to use, Here are the directions that can be followed while applying it:



Step 1: mix 3-4 spoon of the powder with rose water

Step 2: use the tip of the fingers in a circular motion to apply on the face

 Step 3: clean your face with water and pat to dry

Once you’ll start applying this face pack in your skin care regime, it will start giving you with its benefits, Here are some of it:

Before and After

. Reduces blemishes and acne scars

. Evens out skin tone and reduces dark spots

. Treats tanning and pigmentation

Now make your skin care regime a little more healthy with Tjori’s Flawless Papaya and Orange Face Pack.

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