Fruit of the Angels

Papaya was named the ‘fruit of the angels’ by Christopher Columbus, after he discovered its luscious taste, soft butter-like consistency, and rich fragrance. Some skincare specialists often joke that this discovery of the greatness of papaya was almost as great as the discovery of the United States made by him. 

We are in agreement with the famous explorer, especially when it comes to the beauty benefits of this Ayurvedic treat. It has much to offer with its richness in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Have you ever heard of pear, grapes or apples for skincare? Two of the most basic and essential properties of any skincare ingredient is that they should moisturize and prevent dullness, which in turn gives your skin a youthful and healthy look.  Papaya prevents this with its abundance in antioxidants, which give it the armor required to fight almost any skin issue. 

In today’s world, it is easy to find a quick solution to your skin problem or fix it by applying a skillful layer of makeup on your skin. Taking the shortcut on a daily basis can also lead to the prolonged state of the existing condition. However, fixing the issue from the roots is what Ayurveda aims at so that it is assassinated at its roots. With this, I now suggest a few of Tjori’s prides. 

Everyday Papaya Cream:

Our papaya cream has been formulated for everyday use and works to protect your skin while removing blemishes and pigmentation.

Skin Type- Normal to Dry

Papaya Everyday Cream

Acaya-Papaya Face Gel

This lightweight moisturizer is perfect for your skin, especially if you want to moisturize your skin a few times while you are out, without the commitment of feeling sticky. A rich source of vitamin A, this gel increases bio circulation and regulates sagging of your skin while helping your skin stay moisturized and healthy. 

Skin Type-  All skin types

Acaya-Papaya Face Gel-100gms

Revitalizing Papaya Body Scrub:

This effective yet mild formulation of papaya and lemon with a creamy butter-like texture makes it perfect for everyday use. Skin feels refreshed, awake, and super smooth all day long.

Skin Type- Dry to Normal

Revitalizing Papaya Body Scrub

Pulpy Papaya Face Mask with Protein Grits:

An organic formulation made with fresh papaya pulp extracts that detoxify the skin, making it smooth and supple. Infused with mint extracts that contain salicylic acid, this mask helps in curing stubborn acne and pimples.

Skin Type- All

Pulpy Papaya Face Mask with Protein Grits For All Skin Types

Flawless Papaya & Orange Facepack:

For flawless skin, a face pack that combines the goodness of orange peel with the nourishing benefits of papaya leaves. This ancient recipe from India works to reduce blemishes, purify the skin from within and give it a natural glow. It has been used for centuries and helps to remove excess oil without snatching away the natural oils of the skins. 

Skin Type- Oily to Normal

Flawless Papaya & Orange Face PackThese combinations help to work on specific skin issues and specific skin types, covering all the possibilities with the effective papaya, enriched with organic goodness.

You can shop for these products from our ‘Papaya: Shop by Ingredient’ collection. 

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