Hydration at BAE! Winter Care with These Goodies of Wellness!

With winters now arriving at our door steps it is necessary to take care of our skin. Cold-chilly air can damage our skin because it usually dries up the moisturiser from our skin layers leaving it 

dehydrated and itchy. Tjori has got its bucket of wellness for you which only provides nourishment and hydration to your skin. These products are your one-go-to choice this winter to make the most of the nourishment and leaving the havoc of dryness behind. 

Blink! Blink! Take care of your eyes

It is said that our under eye area is the most sensitive area and it is important to take care of the under eye with with an eye gel. Tjori have got you its Saffron Under Eye Gel which is known known as red gold for its many benefits, saffron helps lighten and brighten the under-eye area. By reducing dark circles and dullness, this 100% organic saffron gel imparts a new glow to your face. It is specially formulated for the delicate under-eye area with all-natural ingredients.

Help! Help! Hydrate Your Face

Dry skin can often make your complexion look dark and dull in order to avoid your skin looking dehydrated. It is important to provide full hydration to your face. We have got hydrating face gel to your rescue. This tjori face gel is rich in cucumber and aloe vera juice which balances the skin radiant and keep it glowing. 

Protect Preserve Prevent Dry Scalp

There’s no doubt that winter can cause dry scalp. Cold air and washing them off with hot water can weaken our hair follicles resulting in a dry scalp and excessive hair fall. You can now use Tjori’s Organic Scalp Gel For Grey Coverup which nourishes your scalp with deep hydration and restorative nutrients, ideal for people with very dry hair. This non-oily hair gel is completely organic and has no side effects on regular use. The natural restorative powers of Amla add colour strengthening properties to the scalp, thus restoring the natural colour of your hair.

Supple Soft & shimmering Body skin

While taking care of your face and scalp it is essential to take care of your body as well. Applying a thick layer of body lotion to your body will prevent dryness after hot water bath. Use Tjori’s Dead Sea Hydrating Lotion which is made up of pure dead sea extracts and is a gentle product for the nourishment of the skin from deep within. It instantly provides the skin with nourishment, softens dry skin and provides long lasting hydration. For best results, use it daily along with Tjori’s Dead Sea Soap. 

During the harsh winter season our blood flow and sweat glands can restrict their function which makes a little difficult for our skin to restrains the moisturiser on its own. These tips will keep you hydrated this winter season if you may add these steps to your daily beauty regime!

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