I Missed My Period

Everything I’m about to share with you started with these 4 words “I missed my period”. One regular Tuesday morning I got up to realise that I had surpassed my period dates by over a week. A little nervous I decided to share this with my husband. Elated and overjoyed, he straight up asked me “Are we pregnant?” Not to ruin his moment completely, I told him “let’s just take one step at a time”. Anxious and scared I took a home pregnancy test just to give his hope some foundation. With doubtful eyes I peeked a little to see it turn positive. Sigh of relief, I felt a kind of joy I had never experienced before. Both of us filled with delight did not get ahead of ourselves and contacted a doctor that could assure us and guide us through it all. The doctors report said exactly what we wanted to hear! “Yes you are pregnant”. Eyes gleaming with pride and pleasure we came home to tell our family this amazing news we received. Everyone was filled with so much joy, love and concern, just made this an extraordinary Tuesday!


Some weeks have passed and now my body gave me signs for the days ahead. The nauseous mornings, the tenderness in chest and feeling of having a few extra grams growing within you that you don’t feel yet but are in immense love with. The tons of never ending advice that gave me anxiety as to what to follow and what to ignore. To fight it all and do what’s the best I took a deep dive into the Internet and found this very exciting journal about Ayurveda and it’s benefits. A finding that motivated me to learn more about Ayurveda and its teachings. I live by a simple motto in life “don’t believe everything you hear” and decided to follow the path of Ayurveda myself to see if it stands true to this age.


The first trimester flew past me like a breeze, but with the research I had done I knew what was coming, the weight gain, the skin changes, the stretch marks, the swollen feet all of which is very common for a woman bearing a child. To combat these, Ayurveda guided me and through this without any thing harmful for my baby, rather all things natural. With all these wars to win your body although in your control isn’t yours anymore. All the sleepless nights I had helped me decide what kind of a nursery I would want, how to start making space for the baby and it’s belongings, what would I call this munchkin of mine and last but not the least how would I get through the difficult process of delivery and the aftermath of postpartum.


Well now I’m in the last straw, I don’t know if I’m going to deliver today or tomorrow. The stress I feel has no bounds and I know this feeling of unknown isn’t right for my child. Keeping all the stress and worries aside I try to sleep, a few minutes later I wake my husband up screaming “it’s happening, the baby is coming”. He gets dressed up and we rush to the hospital. Rushing through the emergency to our gynac, only to realise it’s a false alarm and I was not in labor, it was just a cramp. Well a week later I felt another such cramp but this time my water broke making me a 100% sure I was having this miracle today. The miracle took about 17 hours of labor and a whole lot of other efforts to finally have a healthy baby girl in my arms. A piece of me and a testament of our love, that made us proud parents and me forget all the pain I endured for months. Making my entire life’s goal to change into giving this bundle of joy all the love and care I have in me, to give her everything I can and more, to keep her happy and smiling for the rest of her life. To give her a good life it was very important to give it the right start and I dug up all the research I had done on Ayurveda and child care in Ayurveda and diligently followed everything according the Vedic books of Ayurveda. Giving my daughter the ideal start into life that keeps her mind, body and soul healthy.


When I talk to my friends and family I realise it’s every mother’s goal in this entire universe to keep their child protected and offer the best they deserve. I now know the concerns of a mother and empathise with them and for this reason alone I would like share my research with everyone with ‘Vatsalya’ – traditional care for mother and child. A collection close to my heart, just like my daughter as she inspired me to do all the research and work to make it happen. It would be a delight sharing it with all of you out there who are stepping into the paradise of motherhood or already are matrons in this realm. Come let’s give our children the right kick start they need in order to have a cherished and valued life.

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