Kolhapuri Chappals- A Timeless Evolvement

Kolhapuri chappals came into existence in the early 13th century and were originally designed in the state of Maharashtra. The royal family of Maharashtra ‘Saudagars’ were the first ones to discover the uniqueness of the kolhapuri and lent their creativity to what is today known as the kolhapuri chappal. The traditional kolhapuri chappals came in a tan brown color, with a bright red fur ball placed in the center. However with the high demand and trends coming in these chappals have gone through a lot of customization and various styles. Back then there used to be only hues of brown and tan now can find them in all sorts of colors ranging from blue, orange, yellow, green, red, pink and much more. Nowadays people pair these chappals with jeans and western wear and make a contemporary style statement. These chappals basically come with a flat thin sole, but because of the recent evolvement people can now find kolhapuri chappals with soft padded soul and even heels which can add more charm to the footwear.

Tjori brings the heritage of these handcrafted Kolhapuri Chappals in classic colors and designs for your everyday use. These chappals are a perfect blend of traditional and modern culture. Our range features ‘Chal Kahin’, ‘Kohla’ and ‘Raahigar’. These range are structured in cushioned in padded soles to keep your feet ready for any day long event ease-free.  Three of these ranges differ from each other in terms of designs, here it is:

Kohla- Kohla is our men collection featuring the classic kolhapuri style and all earthy colors. These chappals are made in cruelty free leather featuring knotted style and they are open toed in design with a T-Strap. Men can now pair these up with their western and traditional outfits.

Chal Kahin- The name justifies everything. This kolhapuri range is for women and it has been crafted in vibrant colors showcasing Ajrakh block printing, Kantha and plain cruelty free leather as well. These chappals even feature pompoms to seek the overall  attention of the footwear.

Raahigar-This range features pretty pristine pastels in kolhapuri style with heels.  These sandals have been handcrafted using premium cruelty free leather. They feature woven straps and lovely contrast soles that goes charmingly with every outfit. The comfy foam linings ensures maximum comfort keeping your day ease free.

Make an addition to your footwear style by adding these classic kolhapuri chappals. These are available In every size for everyone. Go and check now. 

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