Lamps- Light Made Lovable

Alladin witnessed the true magic of lamps when his genie granted him his wishes. Energy does not lie, and lamps immediately pour positivity into the space that they are in. Lamps, quite literally light up the room and even light up our lives.

 They have been known to be an essential part of designing our rooms and radiating the kind of aesthetically pleasing vibe that sets the mood right. Candlelit dinners and bonfires have something special about them, don’t they? There is a reason the element of romance is peaked at those overpriced dinners and why stories are told with such a receptive audience at bonfires. Even the simple task of lighting diyas and candles outside our homes during Diwali is an ethereal experience. Lamps have a magical aura around them. A single candle has been proven to relax the mind into a state of tranquility. Even at a time when there were not too many fancy options, simple oil lamps were a source of hope, even in the form of a small flicker, known to protect and comfort. However, although minuscule in size, this flicker was recognized for its commendatory aesthetic and effective purpose, and since then, there have been many sought after variations of the same. 

Being a working woman and having extremely busy days, my personal space has become very important to me. I have realized the power of the three to four hours that I get to myself in a day and the effect that has on my health and mood. Therefore, to further enrich that time, I decided to ‘create’ my own space. A good and peaceful ambiance is the biggest mood setter, to feel relaxed and even be productive. Studies have proven that being in the right environment makes us happier and healthier, both physically and mentally. On doing my research on what will relax me after a stressful day and help me get lost in my own time, home decor was an imperative point. 

Check out Tjori’s handcrafted collection of lamps, illuminating intricate reflections and igniting our homes and souls.

We have a collection of lamps in ikat fabric, floral fabric, antique copper finishing, kaleidoscopic ceiling lights, tea light holders, prismatic intricate designs and many more.

Ikat Lamp: This lampshade made out of Ikat printed fabric with the hue of grey and white on a light surface of blue is a perfect choice for your bedroom and study. Details: A bulb holder and switch with the lamppost and Ikat lampshade.

Blue Ikat Table/Bed lamp

Kalamkari Table Lamp: This tale of two women depicted with the kalamkari prints on a 100% pure cotton makes it an ideal choice for your home to tell a story.

Florid Iron Ceiling Light: The intricate floral patterns showcase a game of shadows when a bulb is lit within the ceiling lamp. The thin welding allows more light to pass through, giving your room a brighter, yet warmer, feel. Please note: The product does not come with a plug as it is a ceiling light. However, it does have an attached wire.

Golden Pentagon Tea Light Holder:

A stunning tea light holder with a minimalistic design. This pentagon-shaped beauty has been handcrafted with iron and polished a dull golden colour to give it a beautiful vintage finish.

Golden Pentagon Tea Light Holder

Tjori has focused on creating the ideal space for you. You can check out more of our lamps here


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