Make Your Home Winter Ready!

The cold weather has arrived (albeit a little late), and we’re all ready to layer up and indulge in the winter sun and hot chocolates. We do enjoy a respite from the constant sweating, but we don’t enjoy having to bundle up in layers of clothes to stay warm even at home.

Here we have 5 simple ways to ensure that your home is the cosiest place to hang out in during the winter!

Rich Decor

Ajrakh Home Decor

Switch your summer drapery for ones that offer a warmer feel. Use of dark, rich colours such as indigo, red, and other earthy colours add a touch of warmth to your home. They create the illusion of a smaller and warmer room. Avoid summer prints and drapes made of thin materials. We recommend cotton curtains with warm Ajrakh prints, especially in earthy colours.

Warm floors

Home Rugs

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Our elders constantly pester us to keep our feet warm, and with good reason. As long as your feet are cold, the rest of your body will continue to feel cold as well. Whether you have marble floors or wooden ones, keep them warm with a layer of rugs or carpets. A rug next to your bed will ensure that your feet don’t have to touch the cold floor after having been warm in your bed all night!

Seal your home

Sealed Home Windows

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Ensure that the chill does not enter your home through cracks in the doors or spaces in the windows. Call someone to help you fix any cracks and holes, or you could simply pick up some weatherstrip at a home store near you!

Rearrange the kitchen

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It’s the season to grab a warm cup of coffee, or a bowl of soup, and snuggle into your warm bed. Bring out your large pots and be prepared to cook stews and slow-cooked meats for the family! You can also bring out colourful crockery to contrast the earthy tones of your decor!

Be prepared

Ajrakh Home Decor

Stock up on warm quilts and blankets for the winter. Absolutely no one enjoys a chilly bed in peak winters! Invest in warm coveralls for your sofas, as well as keep a few extra in cases of emergency. You could buy intricately printed blankets to make your room even cosier!

Home Aromatherapy Incense

Pro Tip: Since all doors and windows will be kept shut for long periods of time, the air in your home may feel stale. Light an incense cone of your choice to keep your home smelling good and energetic.

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