Mosquito Repellent- A Child Care Necessity

Mosquito Repellent- A Child Care Necessity

“Shut the doors and windows” was the first thing my mother said as soon as the clock struck 5:30 and diligently I would shut them, all this to save ourselves from the war against the dreaded black 4 legged, bloodthirsty, flying and buzzing creature-’the mosquito’.

Being a mother may have unleashed the protective warrior in you, keeping your baby oblivious to all things that are not rainbows and butterflies.

Everything that is applied on your baby’s skin has to go through the scrutinous ten step approval process, and with reason. Baby skin is delicate and precious, and needs to be preserved until the baby has a stronger immunity system.

Mosquitos are definite mood killers, carriers of life threatening diseases and bearers of germs, of which not even the full grown human can tackle, let alone a tiny baby who doesn’t even realise what’s happening with them most of their innocent life.

However, when there is a baby in the picture, it is of grave importance that there are no mosquitoes sharing the frame. Physical repellents may cease to prevent mosquitoes from entering into the baby zone, with mosquitoes finding their way through the tiniest of nooks and corners, and chemically drenched mosquito patches and wristbands may be noxious for the baby to be in contact with.

Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitoes are vicious, but so are the mosquito repellent creams that you see in the markets. All those harmful chemicals on your baby’s skin, accompanied by a strong smell, definitely requires a solution. Dressing your baby up in floral prints and lighter shades instead of darker ones will help keep mosquitoes away.

Creams have been known to be the most effective mosquito repellents, but often come with a load of chemicals, and air mosquito repellents leave the room smokey, while not being very effective either.

Eucalyptus gunni flowersTjori’s organic mosquito repellent has its core ingredients as Eucalyptus. It requires only a thin layer on the baby’s skin,  making sure that your baby feels carefree. An added benefit of this repellent is that it comes in the form of a roll on, so it can be applied on the clothes of the baby, instead of their delicate skin. The roll on has an extremely light texture, so your baby is at ease and does not have the heaviness of chemicals on their skin.  It is also light in weight and convenient to carry. The fragrance is mild and pleasant, allowing your baby to enjoy their time outdoors.

The goodness of each of these products is thought out and put into the repellent, to give your child an effective  protective layer on their skin, and keep away the devious insects.

Eucalyptus- The most common use of lemon eucalyptus is to ward away insects. The significant content of citronellal is extremely useful as well for driving insects away, including those that bear diseases, upto 8 hours after application. In fact, lemon Eucalyptus essential oil has been praised as a viable replacement for DEET and other dangerous insecticides, and has proven to be just as effective.

It is also an extremely environmentally friendly option. Eucalyptus is a renewable resource and matures within 10 years, whereas other hardwood trees take from 18-25 years to reach early maturity. It is a sustainable and responsible choice.

Motherhood is challenging enough without having to worry about pests and insects and their access to any place imaginable.  Our mosquito repellent roll on will take care of this, giving you more qualitative time with your baby.  Click Here for Baby Care Products.

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