All you need to know about CoronaVirus (COVID-19)

It is not an exaggeration to say that the whole world has a common enemy at the time, which is the novel CoronaVirus, also known as COVID-19, that has plagued the world with its existence.

Let’s start with the basics of coronavirus.

What is CoronaVirus (COVID-19) and how is one infected?

Coronavirus is a virus that is found in animals. Once transmitted from animals to humans, it is fairly easy to get transmitted between individual humans. The COVID-19 was found in Wuhan, China, in the meat market, and is said to be transmitted from a bat to a human. It is said to spread from person to person through droplets of sneeze or cough, or by touching something an infected person has touched and then putting your hands on your face, mouth, ears, eyes or nose. The various coronaviruses in humans have also included 

  • The MERS virus, or Middle East respiratory syndrome.
  • The SARS virus, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, which first occurred in the Guangdong province in southern China.

The COVID-19 is known as the acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

Where has CoronaVirus (COVID-19) spread?

The Corona Virus has spread to at least 150 countries, including the United States, Iran, Italy, Spain, China, India, Germany amongst many. Many countries are shut down by international and domestic travel and are quarantining their citizens.

Symptoms of CoronaVirus (COVID-19)

The symptoms of the coronavirus range from severe to mild, and range from 2-14 days to show after exposure. The symptoms are:


-Dry Cough

-Shortness of Breath

It is possible that you may not show symptoms after exposure. People with low immunity might get affected further with symptoms like pneumonia or bronchitis. Older and people with immune symptoms are more prone to getting infected by the Coronavirus.

CoronaVirus Vaccine and Treatment:

Currently, there is no vaccine for the coronavirus, but it is being continually worked upon, given how it has become a widespread global pandemic. 

Coronavirus symptoms usually go away on their own and the death rate is between 2-3%. However, it is imperative to inform your doctor of any COVID-19 symptoms that you might be facing. They will usually run tests to rule out other common problems.

If you have a travel history or have been exposed to someone who has coronavirus, you should visit your family doctor immediately.

Prevention of The Coronavirus COVID-19

Social distancing at a time like this is crucial for the spread. Washing your hands regularly with soap for at least 25 seconds has been recommended by the World Health Organization, WHO. When in public, do not touch too many things with your hands, and even so, avoid touching your face before ensuring you have washed your hands. If you have even a common cold, it is recommended to wear a mask. Throw away tissue paper after coughing and sneezing immediately. Drinking plenty of fluids and keeping your throat moist is also a great practice during this time. 

Here are a few organic products that you can use for prevention:

Protective Neem Liquid Hand Wash:

Protective Neem Liquid Hand Wash

This cleaning liquid and wash are formulated with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of neem, which makes a powerful system that protects the skin from infection. Further aloe vera helps in providing intense hydration and keeping the skin soft and supple. The best way to fight COVID-19 is wash your hands for at least 15-20 seconds after every one hour.

 Neem Tulsi Face Wash: 

The antibacterial properties of neem help fight the germs on ur face as neem is the best disinfectant mother nature has to offer. Tjori’s neem face wash is a must-have during these quarantined times where staying clean and hygienic is of top priority. The mask helps 50% of your face but the face wash helps kill all the germs stuck on your face.

Facewash- Neem Tulsi

Neem Anti Septic Shaving Oil-100ml

Neem AntiSeptic Shaving Oil For Men:

A multi-purpose oil for your shaving regime. This shaving oil from Tjori can be used before and after shaving. For ultimate glide,smooth & quick shaving experience. Use the shave oil to soften your hair and lift it up from the skin for an easier shave. Our Shaving oil contains tea tree oil which acts as astringent & anti-bacterial in nature. It is enriched with Jojoba oil that regulates sebum production which is similar to our own body’s natural sebum. During shaving, the oil moisturizes the skin deeply going into the pores, so that once the hair is removed, the moist feeling remains rather than a usual dry feel along with a cooling effect, post the shave. The shaving of the beard is important and yet leaves the skin exposed with open pores and this neem antiseptic oil will help form a layer of protection for any sort of germ to not enter.

Neem and Tea Tree oil Bath Bar:

Created with freshly crushed Neem leaves, French clay and essential oils this soap cure pimples and skin blemishes naturally. A product of the best kept Ayurvedic beauty mysteries this healthy bar helps to tone, nourish and retain skin moisture. disinfecting yourself with this neem bar will help your body fight the germs on the body. Start by producing enough foam to apply to your skin. Gently rub the soap bar between your hands and rub for about 15-20 seconds until you have some foam on your hands. Apply on your face and body. Wash off with color lukewarm water and pat to dry

Neem And Tea Tree Oil Bath Bar

You can get more such products to steer clear of the Coronavirus at

I hope you understand the importance of the situation and take all these measures to prevent yourself or your close ones from getting infected from coronavirus (COVID-19)

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