Nose Pins- A Tiny Regal Touch

Nose pins are the best of both worlds. You do not have to get your nose pierced anymore for an ethnic but trendy look. They might be the smallest piece of jewelry, but sit proudly on the nose, at the center of a woman’s face, drawing enough attention (& compliments!)

The good part about a nose pin is that you can rock it with any outfit, be it ethnic or western. 

With the bohemian trends on the rise, a nose pin is sure to add character & richness to anything that you wear. 

The nose pins and nose rings were also status symbols of yesteryears, adding a royal touch to a woman’s face. It was worn by queens, warriors, tribal women and newlywed brides amongst others. 

The younger generation today has taken a keen interest in nose pins and is styling it in ways that prove its versatility, making it convenient to wear and convenient to pair. Although small in size, nose pins create a drastic impact, giving your face more character.

Tjori has a collection of some intricately designed nose pins and nose rings, to give you an exquisite and bold look. 

Our range of nose accessories includes silver tribal, enamel work, stones and pearl pins that will make you want to thank the fashion-forward women of yesteryears, for introducing us to this evergreen fashion trend. 

So if you want to elevate any outfit with ethereal elegance, and just the right amount of your desi heritage, a tiny nose pin does the trick. Another tiny trick that does the same is a bindi which gives a huge impact. 

Here are a few of my favourites: 

The Classic Silver Nose Pin:

The Classic Silver Nose Pin

Made in 100% silver, for daily use, this nose pin is perfect for college/workwear. 

Hoop Nose Pin: 

Hoop Nose PinIf you have a piercing and want to make a dramatic statement for the next shaadi you attend, this is the nose pin you can wear with your lehenga/saree.

The Coloured Stone Nose Pin: 

The Coloured Stone Nose PinIf you want a little bit of character to your face, with a fun element of color, you can choose a nose pin with a stone. These particular nose pins look great with colorful ethnic suits/ sarees. 

The  German Silver Nose Pin:

The German Silver Nose PinIf you are looking for an experimental nose pin that you will wear occasionally and that is pocket friendly, you can opt for these pocket-friendly nose pins. 

Septum Piercing: 

Again, no piercing required to be a part of this trend. Septum piercing is worn between the nostrils and gives a very ‘hip’ look. 

So many different types of nose pins are available for you to elevate your outfit with! Be it to look traditional, or to add quirk to a western outfit, the results are mesmerizingly beautiful!

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