A Onesie to Move Your Limbs Around In

Baby Bamboo Apparel

Don’t we all wish that we were babies, for various reasons? Starting from sleeping whenever, wherever and whoever we want to getting fed at our beck and call, and having milk made exclusively for us? What I wouldn’t give to just lie down in bed all day and be pampered, surrounded by my animated soft toys and parents who would stand in front of any trouble that comes my way.

Doing all of this baby activity, in an outfit made especially to maximize my comfort (and cuteness, as I have been told by numerous passers-by and by getting away with whatever I break), is what these luxurious baby days are all about. 

I’m glad that my parents understand the importance of comfort. It is enough that I have to deal with colic, diaper rashes and new sensations that can sometimes be unpleasant and nauseating. Pooping and not having someone notice it is always a struggle that we babies have to deal with, even if only for a few minutes.  So it is not much to ask for when I want a single comfortable garment, easy for me to move my tiny limbs around in? 

Also, I look adorable. The ones from Tjori really suit my skin, as my parents have discovered. Being a baby seems like it’s all fun and games, except when the smallest of things leave a negative reaction on your body. Tjori’s onesies that are made out of bamboo fabric leave no such negative impact. They are extremely breathable and keep my baby skin soft, which is one of my selling points!

Bamboo fabric helps regulate body temperature, meaning that it keeps you warm in a cool environment and cool in a warm environment. (However, please do give me warmer clothes if it’s freezing! )

There could be a million reasons as to why I am crying, but how would you know? If you find me weeping, and I am wearing bamboo fabric, you should rule out the reason that it is because I am feeling cool/warm. 

These onesies come in a variety of styles, bringing out my baby-ness to the fullest. 

Some of my personal favorites are: 

1. The Yellow Mellow Bamboo Fabric Oneness

All-natural bamboo fabric in a one-piece dress with attached elasticated back, closure at the bottom, and  halter neck off white strings which are hand-stitched and pre-washed. 

Mellow Yellow Bamboo Fabric Romper Dress
2. The Baby Bear Bamboo Onesie

This delicate brown bamboo fabric onsie is handstitched with elasticated sleeves and bottoms, pintucks on the shoulder, lace details on the edges and a collar that gives your baby the cutest formal look, for all the meetings he may have to attend.

Baby Bear Bamboo Onesie
3. Two Blue Bamboo Romper

This two shaded blue onesie made from environment-friendly bamboo fabric with a chest pocket, shoulder tie-ups, and elasticated bottoms is a cheeky onesie that is extremely comfortable to maximize your baby’s naughtiness (and cuteness)!

Two Blue Bamboo Onesie

Although I was born only about a year ago, my fashion advice is foolproof. Tjori’s collection is not only limited to onesies for babies, but also for other formal and casual pieces. I have my shopping list ready, do you?

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