Palazzos- The Perfected Pants

There’s no denying how great skinny jeans look, a few years ago, I would look at girls who had the dedication to rock skinny jeans in college or at the office, and just wish I could be the girl who woke up ten minutes earlier to work on my fresh dewy look, or had it in me to wear my favorite pair of skinny jeans for nine long hours instead of putting on something light and loose. 

But thank God for the evolution of fashion and some amazing brands, I can now channel my inner fashionista, all with minimal effort! Comfortable fashion is the best kind of fashion there is, and I hope you take as much advantage of palazzos as I do.

Palazzos are pants that are long and flare out widely towards the end. They have risen up to be a wardrobe staple, much to our pleasure and comfort. Long gone are the days where you have to wear skinny jeans in hot and humid weather. With ethnic clothing finally being given its vogueish due, there have been a lot of add ons to style it with, and newer and more adventurous avenues that have opened up for the same.  The most crowd-pleasing of them being the introduction of the palazzo. These God sent pants are not only limited to kurtas, they can be just as charming with regular tops or crop tops and blouses.

They are breezy and classy, and add a fun element to your outfit. These wide-legged pants are extremely easy to pair, and give a trendy but ethnic look to your kurta, accounting for both formal and casual wear. 

I now look at women wearing beautiful palazzos with Ajrakh borders or Kalamkari work and am instantly in awe of the style that they exuberate.

With a trendy and elegant look, and sweatpant-like comfort, Tjori’s palazzos across their various apparel collections are definitely worth a checkout. 

 Tjori’s versatile rage of these savior pants, that are sure to become your wardrobe staples offer a variety of fabrics. With colors that go with all attires and a design made in heaven, palazzos fit easily with their elasticated waistband that fits a universal size range. My personal favorite is the wear them with a kurta, but then again, I may not have your fashion expertise! 

Some of my favorite from Tjori’s collection are :

Black Kalamkari Cotton Palazzo

Sunflower Yellow Rayon Crepe Palazzo

Summer Leafs Straight Fit Bagru Palazzo

Khaki Green Cotton Slub Ajrakh Palazzo

Palazzos have made my life a lot easier, and added the ethnic touch that my wardrobe needed!

Here are a few more that are sure to find their way into your wardrobe too!

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