Places To Eat In India This Ramadan

Ramadan has started and the festivities are in full swing! With each iftar and sehri, the delicacies and mouth-watering dishes only get better and yummier. Each city boasts a Muslim-centric area, which bustles with life every Ramadan. The areas are open all night long, offering treats that are found nowhere else.

We have curated a list of places in major cities around India that offer the most sumptuous and unique dishes that are sure to fill your stomach but leave your heart wanting more!


Ramadan In Delhi
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Old Delhi is the place to go for the best Ramadan food and festivities in all of Delhi. Even the smaller food joints pack a punch when it comes to food. Fabled institutions like Karim’s are also located in the heart of old Delhi. Other places include Al Jawahar and Aslam Chicken Corner. Don’t miss out on the lip-smacking Haleem and Nihari!


Ramadan In Ahmedabad
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Though Gujarat is known for its lack of non-veg enthusiasts, places around the Jama Mosque and Shah-e-Alam Durgah sell a variety of foods during Ramadan. Indulge your taste buds in mouth-watering dishes including keema paranthas and sili gosht. End your night with the famed Sheetal Ice Cream in Jamalpur.


Ramadan In Bangalore
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Looking for unconventional dishes like the keema kulfi? Head over to Richies, popularly known as Al Rehman. You can also try bheja fry and the likes at the Albert Bakery situated on Mosque Road. Tilak Nagar is also well known for the wackiest dishes that are a must-try!


Ramadan in Srinagar
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The perfect place for sweet savouries during Ramadan, Srinagar is a haven for yummy food. Visit the lanes outside Hazratbal to enjoy gigantic, deep friend parantha and halwa. Also, don’t forget to visit the local bakeries who enjoy baking sweet breads and cakes.


Ramadan In Mumbai
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Visit Mohammed Ali Road in South Mumbai to enjoy not only the food but also other festivities. Open all night long during Ramadan, every corner offers a variety of non-vegetarian goodies and unparalleled sweet dishes. Even the suburbs offer small joints like Nawab Bhai Kebabwala and Surti Barah Handi’s that make exceptional dishes.


Ramadan In Kolkata
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Craving delicate kebabs that melt in your mouth before they touch your tongue? Head over to Adam’s Kabab Shop at Phears Lane and make sure you order their famous Sutli kebab. Try something new with Aliah’s mutton rezala on Bentinck Street.


Ramadan In Hyderabad
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The city of Nizams, best known for their biryanis, is the place to be during Ramadan. The busy lanes around Charminar are a sure indication of the festivities during Ramadan. Take the time to visit Shah Ghouse as well as Pista house!


Ramadan In Lucknow
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The city comes to life only after the sun sets, infusing energy and colour into the lanes and lives of the people. Though every corner houses gob-smacking delicacies and savoury sweet dishes, one must visit Akbari Gate and Aishbagh Idgah during Ramadan.


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