The Power of Cinnamon -Get Rid Of Your Acne Spots!

All of us wish to have an acne-free and healthy skin. However, due to the increasing pollution and dirt it has now become no less than a challenge for us. Not only dirt and pollution but our diet is also one of the major reasons behind those annoying acne breakouts. Acne can occur anytime and often comes with a lot of discomfort. If you’ve tried every possible way to get rid of them but failed miserably, then it’s time for you to change your beauty regime. Somehow we manage to get rid of our breakouts but these stubborn acne can leave their acne spots behind which can become a challenge for us. These hyper pigmentation can take a lot of effort at times to get rid of it, we then use makeup and other modes to hide them, in this case you are not helping yourself out instead by applying constant makeup can worsen the situation.

Tjori has introduced its acne cinnamon spot removing gel exclusively for you. We have to make sure to formulate it with ayurvedic wellness which will aid in keeping your acne spots at bay.  This acne gel consists of Aqua/Water, Sunflower seed oil, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera Juice, Sorbitol and Glycerin, Parfum, Cinnamon Extracts and Oil.

The Acne Spot Removing Cinnamon Face Gel is a deeply hydrating facial gel that helps get rid of acne. Over time, this effective acne removing face gel visibly diminishes the number and intensity of dark spots and hyper skin discolorations. It also slowly fades away acne scars with regular usage. Packed with cinnamon extracts, the most significant property of cinnamon is that it increases circulation, bringing blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin where it’s applied and oil, this gel ensures bright and rejuvenated skin by removing dead skin cells. It is Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

It is extremely easy to use, Read more to know the steps:

Step 1: Take a small amount of gel on your hands

Step 2: Apply it in circular motions on the affected area

Step 3: Let it sit and gently wipe it off with a wet towel

Now keep your acne spots at bay by adding this gel to your skin regime and have a clear and smooth skin.

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