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Native to the South-East Asian beauty, Indonesia, Batik has often been referred to as both, “art as well as craft”, and rightly so. To understand this term literally, the suffix “tik” denotes small dots. Only select fabric, such as cotton or silk is used to produce these hand-block printed wonders. The whole procedure is very interesting and requires a lot of skill.

Batik Designs
Image Source: Vanarian.deviantart

Wax and dye are used to create desired patterns on pieces of cloth, which is washed and boiled numerous times before the whole process starts, thus making it very important for the fabric to be of a high thread count. Selected areas of the cloth are brushed or covered in wax, before dying the fabric. The wax covered portions resist the dye and retain their original colour. This process can be repeated over and over to create magnificent artworks.

The finesse of artisans and the demand for the art among people from all corners of the world has made it possible for Batik work to become a favourite everywhere. This famous art is now practiced in various countries, India included. And so, we too have brought the best together that suits all kinds of people who have a thing for everything that talks about art, skill, and culture.

Batik Art And Craft
Image Source: Changemakers

The earliest examples of Batik artworks have been found in Asian and Middle Eastern countries that date back to almost 2000 years. The art is believed to have developed in these areas independently. The art form spread to the rest of the world only a couple of centuries ago.

Batik could be just bringing plaids and stripes to life by using different tones of the same colour, or a pattern that has been formed using sheer creativity. Sometimes, it is all about the elegance that redefines your persona. And other times, the bright hues that take your breath away.

Batik Designs
Image Source: Changemakers


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