The Rulers Of Organic Skin Care


Papaya: Shop By Ingredient

For those of you who don’t know, Papaya is a known for whitening and brightening the skin because it is rich in papain- a powerful enzyme. Next time, you want to get rid of that stubborn tan and get back to your original skin, try using papaya. Also, Papaya works amazingly in curing pimples and treating acne. The pulp of Papaya is known for its hydrating properties owing to its water content. What’s next, the vitamin A in Papaya helps in removing dead skin cells to prevent signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines.

Products to look out for:

Papaya Everyday Cream

Aloe Vera and Papaya Scrub

Detoxifying Papaya Facial Scrub for Oily Skin


Aloe Vera Products

We’re not oblivious to the countless benefits of Aloe Vera and our obsession with it. It’s like the king of skin care. There’s probably no one in the world who used Aloe Vera and was disappointed with the results or had bad skin after. From curing and cooling minor burns and rash to giving you a healthy and glowing skin, Aloe Vera is the answer to just about any skin hassle.

Products to look out for:

Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera And Lemon Face Pack

Aloe Vera Face Cleansing Milk


Sandalwood Skin Care

Known for it’s relaxing and calming effects, sandalwood has been used as a base for incense sticks along with meditation purposes. It is widely known to build concentration power as well as reduce stress and anxiety. It has similar effects on the skin as well. It helps soothe mild skin insect bites and treat other skin problems. Sandalwood also has immense antiseptic properties.

Products to look out for:

Ayurvedic White Sandalwood Face Pack

All-Purpose Sandalwood Powder

Saffron, Tulsi & Sandalwood Exfoliating Ubtan



A part of the mint family, rosemary is famous for many different healing modalities including increasing circulation, helping in mental clarity. This herb is an excellent source of iron, calcium and vitamin B6. It’s nutrients and anti-oxidants improve the health of the brain and cognitive function.

Not many people know, but applying a coat of rosemary paste or rosemary oil can treat irritations such as eczema apart from speeding the healing of wounds and bruises. For hair care, rosemary water acts as a great herbal rinse for the hair as it helps get rid of dandruff and protects hair from damage.

Products to look out for:

Ayurvedic Rosemary Ubtan

Rosemary Herbal Hair Oil

Rosemary and Hibiscus Hair Strengthening Mask

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