Shades of Ajrakh


Ajrakh is a form of block printing, that has gracefully stayed in the spotlight to date, from the time periods of the Indus Valley Civilisation (2500-1500 BC), and boy are we glad!

Ajrakh was first undiscovered in Cairo, Egypt, but sourced from Indian origin. Today the Ajrakh traditions are mainly practiced in Kutch, Gujarat and Barmer, Rajasthan.

Somewhere in the halls of royalty, it is to be believed that a king once grew so fond of his bedspread that he insisted his maids to let it stay on his bed for one more day, he muttered “aj ke din rakh”, naming the printed fabric as Ajrakh. We’re pretty sure this king was the fashion icon of his time, given his impeccable taste.

Why Choose Ajrakh Today?

Although fashion tastes change every fortnight, Ajrakh has traveled through centuries of time and is still one of the most evergreen prints to date. It’s classy and easy-going look gives us the best of both worlds, and I often find myself rummaging and raiding through my mother’s closet for Ajrakh fabric, acknowledging with a satisfied smile that she indeed might have better taste than me.

In a world full of synthesized color, Ajrakh prides itself in its natural dyes. The Ajrakh colors are earthy colors symbolizing natural elements like earth and twilight. Indigo is the leader of the pack, amongst other calming colors. It is one of the more preferred fabrics amongst aesthetic and boho lovers. The process of an Ajrakh fabric coming to life is a classic tale of sheer hard work, in its engaging and tiring steps of dyeing and printing, bearing the ripest fruit once completed.

Tjori has made it a point not to miss out on this spectacularly crafted delight and offers a myriad of choices in Ajrakh products.

Bring that earthy essence into your home with Ajrakh bedsheets, quilts, and pillow covers. Treat yourself to the serenity that the therapeutic and breezy colors the Kutch brings to you.

Indian wear has many shades, and you can rock a simple Ajrakh palazzo or dupatta, and hook yourself up with an attire for any occasion- a brunch gathering with the ladies, or even a busy day at the office!

It is a fashion-forward world, your plain brown footwear or handbag could use revamping. Tjori has a tasteful collection of Ajrakh styled boots, juttis, mules, block heels and bags in a range of heartwarming patterns and colors. You can pair these up with both Indian and western wear to bring a little more character into your ensemble. 

ajrakh mules

Fortunately for you, we have got you covered! For more Ajrakh products and designs please visit

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