The Peepy Papaya Regime

Are you also tired sitting at home?

Well during the hard times like this, let us all pledge towards being a responsible citizen and stay home and avoid all possible socialising activities.

Get your beauty regime on top this quarantine by taking a step towards your care. One thing that you must always keep in your mind is that the damage that has been done to your skin because of so many years of negligence and exposure of harsh chemicals on the skin cannot be reversed in a day or two.

The facial skin is one of the most sensitive skin on our body and also your face is the first thing that a person notices about you so you want it to look fresh and radiant always.

You need to remember that in the end one thing that matters to look your best is your diet. You need to have a regular healthy diet because the chemicals might give you your perfect look but for some time only.

Here is a simple 5 step treatment for you to keep up with your beauty regime


Facewash- Papaya & Tomato

The first thing that you must use for your face is the face wash and we would definitely recommend you the papaya and tomato face wash as we bring you the freshness of vitamin c straight from the fields.

Ditch your soap bar and opt for the face wash because the soaps contain a lot of base in them which makes them harsh for the facial skin.

Wet your facial skin and take a decent amount of facewash on your finger tips and then apply it evenly on your face till it forms a foam. Wash and pat dry with towel.


Papaya Face Gel

The face gel gives your skin a radiance and glow when massaged properly. You can use your fingertips or for better convenience you can also use a jade roller and go gentle on your face.

With the goodness of papaya go bold with the no makeup look. Provides you a cool feeling along with deep nourishment where in the anti-oxidants go inside your skin and infuse it with natural glow.

For best results use after a facewash and keep the gel for 5-10 mins.


Tan Removal Sundried Oranges & Papaya Facial Scrub

The next step for the beauty regime includes the face scrub, which contains tiny exfoliators that help in deep cleansing of the pores and removal of stubborn black and white heads. Apply gently on your skin and move your hand in circular motion and let it settle for 5-6 mins.

The sun-dried orange which is rich in vitamin c helps in removing any marks on the skin. Scrub once a week because you don’t want to hurt your skin.


Flawless Papaya & Orange Face Pack

Well face pack is a must have step after the scrub because when you exfoliate your pores tend to open up a bit which makes it easier for the dirt and impurities to settle inside them. A face pack helps in reducing black and white heads while also shrinking your pores.

Go for the organic remedial face pack that contains the goodness of nourishing orange peel and benefits of papaya leaves.

Apply it after the scrub and leave it till it gets dry and then wash off from cold water. Use once a week.


Papaya Everyday Cream

Last but not the least do not forget to use the everyday cream. Night is the best time to use a cream as your body repairs it wear and tear during the night while you are physically resting.

Reduces blemishes and pigmentation, and suited for all skin types. Use daily.

So these were some pretty simple tricks for your skin treatment that you can go for during the quarantine. Also remember your facial skin is very sensitive. By overdoing the healing process will not increase so you will have to do these things consistently and patiently.


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