Top 75 Bridal Makeup Tips for Modern Indian Brides-To-Be

Isn’t this what you were waiting for since very long??? If you are going to tie a knot this summer just like newlywed Sonam Kapoor, then you must catch with these amazing bridal makeup tips to bring out your best glow and outshine everything on your big day. From pre-bridal essentials to main day shenanigans, everything has got covered to ensure all makeup needs and wedding requirements. Here are best 75 Indian bridal makeup tips which are handpicked by keeping the fashion needs and style statement of modern women in mind.

I am thrilled to share all these guidelines with all the upcoming brides so that they can achieve their dream bridal look on this special day of their lives. Make sure to follow all these points once your D-date is fixed and bring people on knees to address your incredible wedding charm. It’s very important to understand that wedding is not just one day affair. If you want to turn heads on your big day, pre-planning is very essential. What if I tell you that everything you require is detailed out below. Let’s sneak in…

1. Regular Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing

Well, this is the key to achieve the best and most desired look on your big day. If you start this beauty regime as early as possible from the day of your wedding, the benefits would vary accordingly. Take a note – Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing!

2. Exfoliating is Must

Nothing is as good as exfoliation of skin in order to get rid of dead skin. But it’s really important to do it optimal number of times to prevent drying of skin.

3. Avoid Going into Sun – at least month before the D-day

It’s quite essential to protect your skin from harmful UV rays to achieve the best bridal makeup and fall into the league of most stunning brides of the season.

4. Make Use of Good Sunscreens & SPF Products

Also, whenever you step out on sun or go to workplace, make sure to use good quality sunscreen or SPF containing products to prevent maximum skin damage. This is one of the quintessential Indian bridal makeup tips to maintain your natural charm and skin tone.

5. Know your Skin Tone Well

Most of the brides make this mistake – Never ever try to blend into some other shade and make sure to peace with your own lovely skin tone and choose makeup accordingly.

6. No Experimenting with Cosmetic Brands – Trust Your Forever Partner

Yes, just because it’s your wedding, you don’t have to go for some international expensive brand. Trust your regular tested brand to stay pristine with your individual personality.

7. Pick the Right Foundation & Primer

Well, if anything which is most important in a bridal makeup kit, it’s foundation and primer. It’s very important to choose these two cosmetic products according to your unique skin tone.

8. Let Your Skin Breathe its Best

Just because you want to look your best and simply breathtaking for your wedding, there is no point in compromising with the health and well-being of your skin and body. Skin should be in its best form for a perfect bridal makeup.

9. Enough Amount of Sleep is Must

Right amount of sleep – healthy skin – Happy & gorgeous bride

Isn’t it quite easy to achieve??? Make sure to have proper amount of sleep on regular basis to avoid dark circles around eyes and give your skin a refreshing feel.

10. Regular Hair Spa Before One Month of the Wedding

Do not forget that your tresses are also a part of bridal look. If you want your locks to behave its best on your special day, hair spa on regular intervals is mandatory.

11. Home Made Beauty Regime is the Best Option

Instead of opting for high-priced chemical-filled makeup products, go for home-made face masks and scrubs to achieve best results and minimal side-effects. Indian beauty products are simply the best to enhance any kind of makeup look.

12. Make use of Natural Conditioners & Cosmetic Products

Just like your skin, your tresses are also delicate. Instead of ruining its life from heavy chemical-based shampoos, make use of honey and curd for better conditioning of hair.

13. Increase Sufficient Intake of Water

If you think water is just meant to curb your thirst, you are wrong. There are some magical benefits of taking good amount of water which can do wonders to anyone’s skin.

14. Use Natural Remedies for Dark Circles & Blemishes

There are some extremely great things in your fridge which can put down your unwanted marks and dark circles to a great extent. For example – cucumber, potato, tea liquor and many more.

15. Follow Everyday Beauty Regime for Best Makeup Look

Skipping your regular beauty routine is not a good idea when your D-day is already around the corner. To achieve best makeup look for your wedding, stick by your perfect beauty regime.

16. Take Multiple Trial Sessions for both Makeup & Hairdo

There is no place for experimentation on the day of your wedding. Make sure to have enough number of trial sessions for both bridal makeup and hairstyle beforehand.

17. Make sure to Choose Makeup According to the Wedding Theme

Yes, if it is a day wedding, your makeup should sync with that to make your wish come true and grab eyeballs. Wedding theme is an important parameter in selecting the right bridal makeup.

18. See Makeup in bright light first to ensure best result

The best way to know the right impact of any makeup look is to see it in bright white light first before heading to the actual venue. This will help you in doing the required changes in your bridal makeup look.

19. Do Not Experiment on the Final Day

No means No

Experimenting with your look on the final day is not advisable because you definitely don’t want to shed tears just before the sacred rituals. Let everything be pre-decided.

20. Make use of ice cubes to close the pores after cleansing

This will help you in achieving the best makeup look and optimal results. Also using ice cubes all over the face will help in closing the open pores and reducing sweat which ultimately prevents your makeup from running out.

21. Warm your face skin with perfect bronze powder

Warming your skin tone with right bronze will help in enhancing the natural glow of your skin tone and make you look your best on this special event. It’s vital for flawless bridal makeup.

22. It’s best to use gel foundation to avoid running out of makeup

Instead of applying stick foundation, go for gel based foundation in order to achieve longer stay and less touch-ups.

23. Use Neutral Dusting Powder to Remove Extra Shine

There is always a possibility of oddly extra shine all over the face which needs to be balanced out by making use of light dusting powder.

24. Golden Toned Concealer is the best pick in the light of the camera

Golden hued concealer is better option than pink toned in the light of the cameras as it would appreciate your skin in a better and beautiful way.

25. Right Contour is quintessential

Contour is very important to get a well defined face with toned cheekbones and sharp features. But do not overuse it as it might spoil your soft bridal charm.

26. It’s never right to over-do in terms of bridal makeup

No doubt wedding is a big affair but it doesn’t mean that you go extra mile in everything, especially when it comes to makeup. Bridal makeup should be soft, optimal and balanced.

27. Avoid using talcum powders in your everyday makeup regime

Say ‘No’ to dry talcum powders anywhere in your makeup and beauty routine. This is not what you need to get the best bridal makeup and endearing glow.

28. Avoid Using Glitter anywhere in your bridal makeup look

Using glitters over eyes or cheeks is outdated now. Modern brides do not need this to enhance their wedding look and make it forever refreshing in memories.

29. Keep minimal use of shimmer to maintain the classic look

Just like glitters, shimmery effect also does not work anymore. This can make you look louder and overdressed which you definitely don’t want for the most important day of your life.

30. Using right shade of every product is very important

No matter how good brand you are using, if the shade is not according to your skin tone, it would never bring you the accolades you wished for. Follow this Indian bridal makeup tip for sure to avoid any last minute trouble.

31. Use brow powder instead of brow pencil for perfect bride look

Brow powder is a better choice than pencil in order to achieve full and voluminous eyebrows. This will give your naturally highlighted brows with amazing fuller appeal.

32. Eyebrows should not be very sharp in order to maintain the sweet bridal image

While putting makeup on eyebrows, make sure that you do not alter the natural image as it would not be a great idea for a bride to affect her natural facial features.

33. Waterproof Mascara is the best choice for bridal makeup

Mascara is what every woman loves in her makeup kit. For bridal makeup, use waterproof mascara and make sure to avoid formation of clumps over the eyelashes.

34. Make use of eyelash curler to enhance the look of your eyes

Eyelash curler is the best thing to give proper definition to your eyes and make them look breathtaking. Also, the product is easy to use and implement.

35. Gel Eyeliner is better choice than all others for better definition of eyes

Gel eyeliner is the right choice for bridal makeup in order to draw neat lines and define your eyes perfectly.

36. Gold based foundation is the right choice for wedding makeup

For exquisite Indian bridal look, it’s best to pick foundation and base makeup in golden tone and blush and lip shade in the hues of pretty pink or tinted red.

37. Cream Blush is the best choice for dry skin

If you have dry skin, go for cream based blush in order to achieve the perfect finish and naturally glowing cheekbones.

38. Make sure to use lip liner in the closest shade of lipstick

If you are making use of lip liner, keep it as close as possible to the shade of the lipstick to get beautifully coloured lips.

39. Warm tones of pink and red are right choice for bridal makeup

Bridal makeup is all about naturally enhanced glow and overall soft appeal. This can be best achieved with warm tones of red and pink in the right formation.

40. A perfect hairstyle must be in your priority list

If you think facial makeup is enough to be the most stunning bride of the generation, then you are making a big mistake. Make sure to choose the right hairstyle as per your individual personality and attire.

41. Follow basic highlighting rule – Be it lips or eyes

It’s never a good idea to put focus on all your facial features. Follow the basic rule of highlighting – whether make your eyes be the show stealer of your overall look or let your lips do all the talking.

42. Highlighting everything on your face is never going to work in a right direction

This is the basic rule of any makeup and one must follow this for every occasion, especially when it’s your wedding. Make sure to put focus on one particular feature of your face.

43. Regular Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing

Yes, they are important as Indian ceremonies are known for long time-taking rituals and unavoidable traditions. So, make sure that your makeup artist is available with you for the whole function.

44. Over-accessorizing of hair is not a good idea

A big no to using heavy accessories for hairdo! Fewer accessories are the new bridal hack of Indian weddings and you must keep this in mind while picking your gorgeous hairstyle.

45. Waterproof makeup is the key to success in terms of bridal makeup

If you don’t want your makeup to run out or wash away before the desired time, then put your trust on tested waterproof makeup and get your dream bridal look instantly.

46. Use good brushes for blending instead of hands

Generally, we make us of hands while doing regular makeup but when it’s your big day, using good brushes would be a better choice.

47. Describe your makeup needs in detail

Sometimes, what we think or want is different from what other person has in his mind. So, it’s best to discuss out all the important details with your makeup artist beforehand.

48. Go for required beauty treatments month before

If you have any kind of skin problem or unavoidable skin trouble, then make sure to get it fixed before at least one month of the wedding so that you can lock best possible results.

49. Right Lipstick Tips

What I mean to say that it’s best to fill your lips with lip pencil before applying lipstick so that it doesn’t wash out and stay for longer period.

50. Eye Makeup is actually most important

Yes, it is so make sure to discuss your requirement and desired eye makeup with your expert and let people fall for your beautifully defined eyes.

51. Right base makeup is the key to achieve desired bridal look

If the base is not right, nothing can be good at the top. Make sure to apply your base makeup neatly and accurately to achieve the desired bridal look. You go, girl!

52. Protect your skin from harmful rays, dust and other environmental effects

Not just sun, but there are many factors which can put adverse effects on your sensitive face skin. So, make sure to keep yourself protected and away from harmful chemicals and dust.

53. Healthy skin leads to happier and prettier bride

Yes, this is the basic and most vital key to be the prettiest and loveliest bride of the season. Eat healthy and good food, take proper water intake and make sure to have enough sleep to achieve the ultimate goal.

54. Make use of tried & tested brands as per the skin tone

Wedding day is not the right time to experiment on your makeup kit and cosmetic brands. Stay intact with your forever trusted and tested brand and go with it to avoid last minute hassle.

55. Tinted Moisturisers are great hack as compared to forever foundations

Instead of using foundation, you can always use tinted moisturizer for base which will blend quickly and give you smooth, natural look. This is the best bridal makeup tip for modern women.

56. Your bridal makeup should speak with your outfit and accessories

Also, make sure to stay on same page with your bridal wear and accessories to get overall appeal and make an everlasting impression on onlookers. Your makeup should sync with your designer lehenga and bridal jewellery.

57. Bridal makeup is just incomplete without perfect blush

What a bride if you are not blushing!? Well, this is the day when you should make the best us of your peachy blush and highlight your cheekbones but as already said, overdoing is not advisable.

58. Know where to highlight & where to contour

Yes, it’s very important for every woman who loves doing makeup to know the right places to apply highlight and contour. This is what will give you well defined features and skin tone.

59. Broad lovely eyebrows make beautiful bride

There was a time when nobody used to give much importance to brows but it’s not the case anymore. Just like everything else on face, eyebrows need proper definition and shape.

60. Avoid clumps while using mascara

Yes, make sure to avoid clumps or thick coagulated mascara over the eyelashes while applying it. Waterproof mascara can give best result and perfectly enhanced lashes.

61. Pre-bridal regime is always advisable

How can one expect to get flawless glow magically without going for quintessential pre-bridal regime??? This is highly important if you want your bridal makeup to last long and stay upright with you during the whole ceremony.

62. Gold tone makeup works perfect for both day and night ceremony

It’s been observed and well known fact that gold base makeup is the right choice to blend with Indian weddings’ setting and bridal ensemble. What you think???

63. Smokey eyes are good option for edgy bridal look

If you want to break the appeal of conventional Indian bride, smokey eye makeup can make your wish come true and give you the desired bold bride look. This will bring you at the edge and make you stand apart from the crowd of conventional brides.

64.Make use of fresh rose flowers for classic hairdo

This is the hottest trend of the current wedding season and women seem to loving the refreshing look. Make use of fresh roses or some other flowers to glam-up your hair game and grab eyeballs.

65. Take all the required facial sittings for matchless glow

Listen to your trusted makeup artist and take all the needed facial sittings to get rid of dark spots or other blemishes over the skin and achieve the best of your bridal makeup session.

66. Matte tinted Lips is what modern brides need

Shimmer is outdated, even liquid lipsticks are outdated, it’s the season of matte tinted lips. If you want to keep your wedding look on top notch, pick red matte or pink hued lip shade to bring focus on your beautiful lips.

67. Eyes can do lot of things if done rightly

Yes, every woman actually knows what eyes can do if they are rightly defined. So while going for any bridal package, keep this thing in mind and put eye makeup on your priority.

68. Makeup can eventually run out if your skin is not prepared

If you think that makeup is some kind of magic which can turn you into a fairy in a snap, then I am sorry to break this to you that you are wrong. You have to start taking care of your skin long before the day of your marriage to achieve the desired look.

69. Befriend your natural charm & overall ensemble

It’s very important to know and love your individual skin tone to get the best out of it and make it stand out. Being a bride, you must make sure to not lose your individual personality which is your USB.

70. Last but not the least, don’t forget to be YOU

No matter whether it’s the day of your wedding or reception, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to not alter your natural resemblance. Make sure to enhance it, not reform it.

Hope all these bridal makeup tips work in a positive manner for upcoming brides-to-be. If there is something I forget to mention, you can sneak into my ears anytime via your lovely comments.

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