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Every day more and more women are shifting towards comfortable clothing. However, being a firm believer in dressing well, I am an advocate for it not affecting your fashion quotient. The simplest solution that I found to dressing well, and being comfortable was in ethnic wear

It was a pleasure to get rid of my skin tight jeans whose buttons used to jab me in the belly button, to let my blood circulate instead of being constrained, not to mention the increase in productivity that came my way once I bid goodbye to skinny jeans and greeted salwars, palazzos and cotton khadi pants with open arms. These pieces have now become my staples, giving my skin enough space to breathe in the hot and humid summers. 

Amidst this life-saving revelation, I realized that there was also a cherry on top to this comfortable living- THE STYLING AND COMPLIMENTS THAT CAME WITH IT. 

Styling Indian wear, from head to toe, is one of the most satisfying things for anyone who enjoys fashion. The jewelry, bags, footwear, and makeup are incentive enough to shift to ethnic, even if you are an enemy of comfort. So with ethnic, I opened doors for a variety of styling options, finally doing my inner fashionista justice.Of course, once this was done, I was also the target for numerous compliments that I proudly accepted. 

Thankfully for you, there is a myriad of comfortable options available online at Tjori.com. Here are some of my favourites that are an elegant fusion of ethnic and contemporary, keeping in mind unlimited comfort. 

A Halter Neck Kurta:

Mehendi Halter Neck Cotton Slub Kurta

A Kurta with Traditional Black Kantha Embroidery:

Black Kurta With Kantha Embroidery

A Minimalistic Slip with Hand Embroidery:

Gerua Cotton Slub Slip

An Overlay to Add to Any Attire:

The Humble Lavender Kota Doriya Kali Overlay

With these options, I hope you make the smart and fashion-forward transition towards a world of comfort that lies in modern ethnic contemporary.

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